Monday, October 07, 2013

40 Days from Tear Out to Cooking Dinner.

It took 40 days to achieve running water in the kitchen, but I am finally up and running again. Sorry I was such a bad blogger; work is extremely complicated and busy right now, and I come home unwilling, actually, unable, to sit in front of another computer. The weekend was an exhausting blur - the electrician was here all day on Saturday. I mean, ALL DAY - he arrived around noon and finished up at 8 Saturday night. If you need a fabulously dedicated and meticulous electrician in the Orlando area, just ask - he's a gem. And there was massive amounts of unpacking and trash-dragging-out, and furniture assembly, and yeah, I am beat.

The plumber wasn't heroic enough to work the weekend, so after the countertop was finally installed (not without some drama, I had a minor meltdown but I'm better now) I had to go through another weekend of washing dishes in the hall bathroom. The wonderful young electrician even did a nice job fixing the flooring the countertop guys pulled apart while moving the dishwasher and then screwing it into place CROOKED. Oh yeah, Friday afternoon was my official I HATE EVERYBODY! Meltdown. The electrician fixed the floor the countertop guys stared at like halfwits, and the plumber was able to fix the crooked dishwasher issue. I'm much calmer.

Was it worth it?


My only issue - and it's an issue - I don't think the bar has enough support for that span of countertop, and a couple of people have offered the same opinion. I've told Home Depot about it and was supposed to hear from someone today and didn't. When I have two non-exhausted brain cells to rub together, I'll bitch. Right now, I want to go to bed.


besshaile said...

Wow - you must feel like Noah. But oh my that kitchen is gorgeous. Warm and functional and definitely not 1980. Congratulations on a job well done.

Anonymous said...

It's Beautiful!
I'm sorry if I nagged. But it's beautiful.


Catherine said...

I needed the nagging, or it would have been another week. This blog's hit count is so low, I wonder why I bother, but old habits die hard, and I still enjoy it. I just don't update often enough.

Joan said...

When you went silent this weekend I figured it was either Very Bad News or you were Very Busy Moving stuff back in. How did you inaugurate your gorgeous new kitchen? And what will you do next for fun? :)

Karen said...

I never post comments, but your blog is one of the few I read frequently - so I thought I should let you know!

I love what you did with your remodeling, especially the floor!

Brenda said...

Your kitchen is gorgeous---mine looks like something from "The Brady Bunch." Marcia, Cindy and Alice would be right at home there, making Rice Krispie treats. Did it feel weird to use it the first time---I wouldn't want to get anything dirty or accidentally scratch something. Ugh. My Bossy Little Dog is nagging at me---I guess it is our bedtime.

Anonymous said...

About support for the counter; would the manufacturer be able to tell you?

Brian Mahood said...
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