Thursday, October 17, 2013

Bad Blogger Resurfaces

for an exhausted and somewhat wine-powered update. (Forgive the typos that will no doubt follow.)

Okay. So, work - insane. Days on end of truly indescribable, technical, complicated paper-juggling, and correcting work done by highly paid lawyers. At one point, I got into a three-day disagreement with a partner at a big firm about a point he considered trivial, until another lawyer said I was right. (My boss crowed about this, but I reminded him that I am not a lawyer and sure as hell don't get paid like one, and if he expects this of me we have to TALK ABOUT THAT NOW.)

Basically, it was a month of very heavy paperwork and detailed, intensive work, in between living in a torn up house with contractors in and out at random, and I came home really wiped out. We finished up last night at 7. The office trash cans runneth over - next time, we renteth a dumpster. I was in bed and asleep by 9:30. The applications were submitted today. Now, we wait and see. I am taking tomorrow off. I have cupcakes to bake.

Last weekend was Miss D's 2nd birthday, and she spent it with a tummy virus and a temp of 102, so no birthday picnic at the farm. Fortunately, at two, she isn't really aware of how important a birthday is supposed to be, so we will introduce her to Birthday Week at a tender age.

So I told my boss I needed a day off to catch up on my life, and he readily agreed. Tomorrow Grandma is baking cupcakes, and hanging out waiting for the final electrical inspection, and knitting, and just...decompressing from weeks of sheer insanity. Work would have been crazy enough even if the huge crunch time didn't hit while the house was torn up, but the combination was...extra special.

Saturday we go see farm animals and have fun. Sunday, I feel a serious need for some serious couch time, to get re-acquainted with Netflix and knitting.

Thank you to the loyal few who keep reading this blog after all this time, despite the extremely half-assed appearances by the Bossy Dogs' Housekeeper.


Anonymous said...

Really love the renovation, it is beautiful! Glad you get a little time off - relax and enjoy! What did you decide to do about the extended counter top, is it strong enough or do you need some better support? I was looking at mine and the granite is over a wooden under counter which I assume is to support the weight.

LindaP said...

Honey, I just resurrected my blog after a year of procrastination/nothing worth posting. I can wait a couple days for you to breath, potty, sleep & eat before you post an update :D
BTW, kitchen looks AMAZING!

caroline aka FiberTribe said...

Catherine, you're always a joy to read. You've made it through so just take care of yourself. Have a blast with Ms. D. and pamper yourself. Hugs.

Anonymous said...

What they said x 10 !!

Gae, in Callala Bay