Monday, November 11, 2013

Half Moon!

My daughter was rather startled last week when Miss D pointed to the moon and announced, "Half Moon!" Tonight she says she figured out where Miss D got introduced to moon phases. An episode of one of her favorite shows, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. Apparently there was an episode about a Halloween party and something about a full moon, so they went over the phases of the moon in the story. The Little Sponge proved again that absolutely nothing escapes her notice.

My daughter texted me after they got home the other night to report that when Miss D was asked about her evening, she announced that dinner at Grandma's was "Cool and Awesome." I thought so too, a good time was had by nearly all. We do have to work on Miss Sophie's jealousy. At one point after dinner, Miss D and I were watching Sesame Street on Netflix, sort of. There was a lot of jumping around and giggling going on on her end, and I grabbed her to hug her. She asked to be tickled, so I obliged, and Sophie had a burst of "MY MOMMY!" jealousy! She jumped onto the couch and snarled at Miss D - just for a quick second - but this shit shall not stand. I paused the tickling, picked Sophie up (she was completely docile) and calmly deposited her crabby little butt in the crate I still keep in the living room. I told Miss D that Sophie was in timeout, and we needed to not pay any attention to her for a while. When she was released from timeout later, she was a chastened dog indeed, and we had no further issues. No, I don't think it's because she didn't understand what the tickling was about. She knew exactly what was going on, and resented somebody else cashing in. She just feels that being hugged and tickled by Mommy is her exclusive right. She got Jealous with a capital J, and landed in Jail.

My colleague of the dramatic near-collapse, heart attack symptoms and afternoon in the ER was in the office when I got there this morning, as I pretty much predicted he would be. I casually said, "Hi, how are you?" "I'm fine, how was your weekend?" Yes, he'd signed himself out of the hospital against medical advice. He isn't taking any of this (being unable to stand, chest pain, abnormal EKG, etc. etc.) seriously at all. He does have a cardiologist appointment, made by his wife, for about two weeks from now, because he has stuff to do and it's not an emergency. I know this type too well, because I AM this type too. Some people are a good example. Some of us exist to be a terrible warning.

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