Friday, November 01, 2013

Mission: November.

I've launched a search for my knitting mojo. I've decided it will be found in hats for the small people in my life - not just my two granddaughters, but two cousins in Asheville. So, November will be Operation Kid Hats Month.

It will also be Daily Blogging Month, because seriously, I either need to revive this blog or let it join the millions of abandoned blogs littering cyberspace like so much space junk. I have things to say, I just never sit my ass down at the keyboard to say them. Daily blogging is like daily walking - after it becomes a habit, it starts feeling like something is missing if you skip it.

Daily Walking: that is another element of Mission: November. I'm planning a trip to Asheville for Thanksgiving, and I plan to bring Sophie with me. We both need to be in shape for walking those hills! Murphy will not be coming along; the excitement of a road trip would upset his delicately balanced system, and not "going with" will be stressful too. We tried leaving him at my daughter's house last time (over a year ago) and, let's just say, she had to do some cleanup on Aisle 3. She has a full-time job and a second one working with an autistic preschooler part time. She's is in her next-to-last semester of grad school, her husband works with autistic kids full time plus and also is in school, and oh yes, they also have a 2 year old, two dogs and a charming young mostly-Siamese kitten, and I can't ask them to take on Mr. High Maintenance. Unfortunately, he's going to have to board at the vet when I travel from now on. Another friend offered to take him, and I described his situation, and she paused...Oh. Yeah. I don't travel much so it's not a big deal, but though I love him beyond words, I can't put his needs above a rare opportunity to spend a long weekend with my distant human family. I am just short of being that kind of Crazy Dog Lady, but I am aware of how crazy I am, so I'm still sort of sane. I think. Wow, that was a segue into Preemptive Dog Mommy Guilt, wasn't it?

Anyway, walking. I need it, every day. Murphy is the smartest dog ever, and is aware of his own changing needs - he now REFUSES to go walking WITH Sophie. I had walked them together for years, but now, he has put his tiny foot down. If I take them together for all but a quick pee break, he digs in like a mule and turns around to head back in the door before we even reach the stairs, and after trying to win, I surrendered. I now take her first. He waits patiently while I take her for a brisk mile or so in the morning, then I bring her home and take him. He does less than a half mile, enjoys it very much, and everybody's satisfied.

Oh, and how does he know it's a Real Walk, and not a Quick Pee? They watch to see if I have my iPod and/or my phone. If I have both, we are Walking, and not just potty-walking. They both watch, they both know what it means, and he decides if he's up to it or not. Mostly, not.

But don't fret, Murphy fans - he's handsome and perky and full of Murphy-ness still. He really hasn't slowed down much, and it's kind of awesome that he is becoming an old dog on his own terms.


Anonymous said...

Who ever said animals were dumb? Not me. They are observant, they know the details, they know your body language.
Ace the Ancient Italian Greyhound just will not even walk out the gate, no longer interested. Still lively and active on his own premises. May not be entirely the heart problem, his cataracts are pretty dense now, he may feel unsafe outside his own boundaries. There are some careless owners around this village who let their dogs roam unsupervised - which is against the law.

Gae, in Callala Bay

Brenda said...

Hannah watches my knitting bag. If I am getting ready to go somewhere without knitting, she knows she doesn't get to go either. If I am getting ready to go somewhere and take knitting along, she knows I am going to her Grandma's, and she gets to come, too. I do occasionally meet friends at a coffee shop or somewhere to visit and knit, and always, Hannah will stand in front of the door, expecting to come along. She fell going up the stairs to my deck a few months ago, and I realized she can't see in the dark anymore. (sob!) When she goes out at night, I carry her up and down the stairs to my deck and put her down in the grass. She doesn't venture much more than a foot or two away from me. It breaks my heart, but she will be 13 in April, and that is how old my other Yorkie was when I had to put her down. I might try a toy poodle or a Havanese (sp?) next time.

caroline aka FiberTribe said...

Always said that when we live with pets we live with Zen masters. We could all use Murphy's example to grow old on our own terms, yes?
So glad you AND he are doing so well. hugs from Utah.

Anonymous said...

I wish we could teleport Murphy - I have absolutely NO CARPET to worry about, and a lifetime of dealing with various canine disasters. He might enjoy the change of continent. Apart from the minor concern of quarantine laws.........

Gae, in Callala Bay