Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Murphy Update.

He's fine. He wants everyone to know that he's really sorry that Mom didn't listen when he tried to tell her he had that unfortunate incident, but he's tip-top, feeling 100%, and poopin' like a boss today. He's thinking it's time for a cookie before bed. Mom will give him one to wash down the dose of pred, because, yeah, he really needs it every day now.

Such is life with a lymphie dog. After 4 years of this, I'm somewhat used to the cycles of good days, bad days, and OMG Horror Movie Explosion Days. And damn, I love this floor sooo much. Best money spent in the entire remodel - it has truly changed life for all of us. I mean, I love the new kitchen and new appliances, but the floor? The floor made it all worth it.

Now I have to get serious and reclaim my garage. I have a few things I can sell, a few more I need to figure out WTF I'll do with. I miss parking Baby in the garage. Baby's not a kid anymore, and soon we will be in Dropping Acorn Season. My neighborhood is lined with huge live oak trees. They look a lot like these. Ours have been "raised" by regular trimming, so the ones in this neighborhood are taller than they are wide, but they are quite substantial and they drop acorns like rain. Add the wind that brings down small branches, and it's a hard life for a "mature" car. Baby's been beat-up enough on the road, she doesn't need to get hailed on by wind-driven acorns and whacked by falling branches. So, this weekend I do solemnly swear to make my garage accessible again!


Anonymous said...

Well, done Murphy. We had a visit from Ace's 'personal physician', Paul, yesterday. I have been slightly suspicious (It is SO hard to track subtle changes when you are with the creature every day!)
Yes, time to add another med to increase the support to his ageing heart. Life is so much easier with a chronic medical condition, with Paul's mobile service.
Much easier than hauling Ace's ass to Nowra, which is a 50 k round trip.
Keep up the good work, Murphy

Gae, in Callala Bay, and Ace and Fred

zippiknits said...

Bless that little Murphy heart of his! Glad to hear he is back to normal poo!


Catherine said...

Our vet is just a few minutes away, which is is fabulous for all. It really is hard to track subtle changes, but I did feel better when my vet said she had the same issue evaluating the condition of her own dog. We don't see changes the way an objective observer will. I know Murphy's on borrowed time, but he's very happy and full of spunk, so we will just keep on for as long as he wants to keep on going.

Brenda said...

Glad to hear the Murphinator is hanging in there---I would like to be nominated for President of his fan club when/if the post becomes available. ;-) Here in Iowa, it's best to keep your car in the garage during the winter so it will start, and so you don't have to scrape ice off of your windows every morning. Yeah, winter driving---I hate it and you can have it. I went to a plastic surgeon for a consultation to have some legions (read "little bumps") removed from my face and they have a similar flooring in the exam rooms. I thought of you when I saw it---I would imagine they need easy clean-up there, too.