Sunday, November 24, 2013

Pre-Holiday Push

So much for blogging every day this month.

I had a highly productive day yesterday, and have to repeat it today. Yesterday was color hair, get car serviced, bake two loaves of banana bread, do laundry, run errands hither and yon. Today, it's get hair trimmed, clean house, finish laundry, bake two loaves of chocolate pumpkin loaf and a couple of pies, and finish a hat.

Banana bread recipe: This one. It is excellent. It produced a rich, very moist loaf with a very fine crumb. I hope the one I made to take with me to AVL is as perfect. Murphy cried for some, pronounced it fabulous, and is crying for more. Sophie decided she does not like bananas.

Chocolate pumpkin loaf: same source. I made this last year and was blown away by the goodness. It's a cross between a sweet quick bread and a pound cake. It's not super-sweet, the spices are subtle, and I couldn't stop eating it.

It's going to be really cold in Asheville this week, and I have to dig out the serious winter clothes for this trip. Highs in the 40s, lows in the low 20s - which doesn't sound so bad until you factor in the after-dark and pre-dawn dog walks. Then, yeah, the serious winter coat is coming along on this one. Footwear is problematic - I've pretty much lived in ballet flats and flip-flops for the last two years. I do have my heavy duty UGGs for snow, but they do seem like overkill for a dog walk, not to mention that they are not exactly Thanksgiving dinner stylish. Sophie has a coat, and I'll bring a down throw for her naps while we are out. She'll be cozy.

And now I need to get to it and power through the to-do list. More later - pictures, I swear!


Teresa said...

Sophie doesn't like bananas? My terriers LOVE bananas! They make my husband eat bananas whether he wants them or not so that they can have a bite. Casey told me to tell you that she will come down and eat ALL of Sophie's bananas!


Catherine said...

She might like plain bananas, I've never tried her with one, but banana bread was a reject. She delicately placed her bite on the floor, where Murphy was happy to take it.