Saturday, November 16, 2013

So, I'll blog nearly every day in November.

I missed yesterday because I had nothing to say. Seriously. Murphy's tummy had an explosion. And just BTW, the rugs I bought on sale at Kohl's for inside the front door and in front of the kitchen sink are awesome, and everyone who sees them raves about them. The one at the front door can also take a direct hit from some very nasty mess and clean up like a dream. My daughter and I then had an enjoyable Facetime chat (Miss D was watching A Bug's Life and gave me a brisk 10 seconds of "Hi Gamma!").

Today I finally, finally - how many weekends later - painted the wall where the new mirror will hang over the master bath vanity. Yes, I have had no mirror in the master bath for....over a month now? Not a big deal, really - I've been drying my hair and putting on my makeup in the guest bath, and it's not like this is Buckingham Palace. It's actually closer to this guest room/office and morning coffee, so I wasn't in any big rush to get it done. But really, it's been long enough. I wanted the freaking mirror. I still need to get a different light fixture and new towel bars, but I wanted to at least hang the mirror.

I was procrastinating because I've been really busy, not getting enough sleep, and because I had to MATCH WHITE PAINT. Grizzled old construction guy at the office: "You'll just have to repaint the whole goddamn room." I told him that was not an option, and he wished me luck.

This whole place, with the exception of two mercifully small areas of mercifully tolerable 80s era wallpaper, is WHITE. I'd already noted that it's not actually all the same white or painted at the same time, but it blends really well, and it's mostly a really white white. Not a white I'd have chosen, but did I mention the extremely high ceilings? I don't own a ladder tall enough to repaint the entire wall in any of the main living areas. The bathrooms have standard height ceilings, and I'll probably repaint the master bath myself one of these days. But for now, I just wanted a white that was about the same level of white and the same level of satiny shine, and that's as good as it's gonna get until I have the time and money to hire another damn contractor.

I had to sand the wall down first, because the drywall guys who patched it left it heavily smutched with blobs of texture, as well as strange random dark streaks of I know not what. I repainted it with a very white satin finish paint and primer combination. It looks fine. Okay, I'd want to redo it before I'd put it on the market, but I have no plans to do that, so it'll do. It's close enough - the white is nearly an exact match. The level of shine is also nearly an exact match, but not in the same way, in a way that words can't quite describe. You can see the difference, but in time, I will cease to care.

And how did I not know of the existence of the sanding sponge? I'm so old, I think of sanding as a sanding block and sandpaper! I found a sanding sponge at Home Depot, and it made short and nearly enjoyable work of knocking the blobs off the drywall (creating a snowstorm of white stuff, and I belatedly wished I'd picked up a pack of paper masks).

So it's done, it's good enough for now, and as my dad used to say, "A blind man galloping by on a fast horse at midnight would think it's perfect." The mirror goes up tomorrow. I need a second set of hands to help with that, lest I gouge my carefully patched and semi-carefully painted wall.

I'm glad that's done, but I'm falling behind on my knitting of small hats. Must crank those suckers out in the next 10 days! Thanksgiving is bearing down on me like a calorie-laden freight train.

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