Thursday, November 07, 2013

So, I've been thinking thinks

about this whole suddenly being old enough to move to an "adult" community thing, and how I'm (not) dealing with my actual age, which seems shocking when I pause to think about it.

Not that those places aren't gorgeous, dazzling, and seductive. I had lunch at Trilogy months ago and was ready to buy in - holy crap. Really, holy crap, it's insanely wonderful. Fortunately for me, it's way out in nowheresville beyond any rational commute for a working gal, so I wasn't tempted after that afternoon's seduction.

Because I'm still dealing with being old enough to live there. I really don't feel old enough! I'm a conflicted mess - a Grandma of Two who works full time in a demanding niche of development work, listens to alternative music and watches Game of Thrones and True Blood, but I'm also all about knitting for grandkids and baking apple pies, after work or on weekends, while listening to music produced by people my kids' age or younger.

Am I immature for my age, or are there others like me? People who aren't trying to be as young as their kids, but who can appreciate and enjoy the "kids" as much, and often more, than their peers?

And I'm noodling around with this idea as a writing topic, so I'll throw it out to my Few, my Loyal - would this turn you off? Would you mutter "Oh, get a grip grandma, you're OLD," and get bored, or think I'm trying to avoid dealing with the reality of my age, or would it be funny and FUN to talk about pop culture and health and fitness and work and life, from a "new senior" perspective?

Just asking...for now.


Anonymous said...

ahh, we're so close in age it makes no matter. But I think you are the norm, not the other way around.


Linda said...

If you can find one of those places that has people that share your interests than go for it. My MIL is at one and they are all RE
ALLY old, I mean like walking dead old. All they talk about is what ails them and when is the next meal LOL!

Joan said...

As Kimmen says, we're everywhere!

Anonymous said...

You are but a sprig of a girl so far (from she who will be 70 in early January), but have you noticed that we are NOT as old as our ages would have been two generations ago? I am thinking of my three maiden great aunts, who decided to embrace OLD in their mid 40's. They thought 'old', they dressed 'old', they acted 'old', got very narrow minded and judgemental.
And why do they build these place sixty'leven miles from everything? The best I have seen is in the middle of a beach side shopping centre, in a block of apartments built at one end of a shopping complex. Now that I could tolerate.

Gae, in Callala Bay

Catherine said...

I would never actually move to one of those places - I'm just taken aback that I'm OLD enough for them! Linda, Trilogy (the one I linked to) has some very old people, but mostly younger "active retirees." It's not a convenient location for the truly elderly who aren't willing to drive on the highways to get anywhere. But that clubhouse is truly spectacular!

Catherine said...

Gae, you're totally right about that! I remember a few years ago suddenly realizing that I'm older than my great aunts were when I was a teenager, and how they had seemed so ANCIENT to me - the way they dressed, spoke, wore their hair - they truly looked and acted like "little old ladies" in their 40s!

BridgetG said...

I'm still in the workplace -- you gotta keep up or people will ignore you. I like new music (some) and update my wardrobe a little bit here and there. Still coloring my hair -- it makes me feel better about me. I'm 58 with 3 grandkids - ages 14, 4 and 2. I would be interested in the "new senior" perspective as a blog topic. Just don't get curmudgeonly (I think that's how you spell it!)! ;)

Anonymous said...

Oh, and a story about the three great aunts: one Christmas, when I was FOURTEEN for goodness sakes the three old dears gave me an old style Winnie the Pooh book. This would have been 1958, and in those days children were not deluged with gifts, believe me.
I managed to swallow my disappointment and smile and thank the g-aunts. To unexpected profit: parents and an aunt all independently decided I had been very, very good, and each gave me some money, and it added up to quite a good haul for those days.

Gae, in Callala Bay

Catherine said...

BridgetG - I am the opposite of curmudgeonly when it comes to thinking and acting young.

Gae - LOL about the Winnie the Pooh at 14! I think I have suppressed more traumatic Christmas presents than I can remember. I honestly can't remember a childhood Christmas that didn't have a gift like that, often at the hands of my own parents.

Anonymous said...

Catherine, how old are you? You are still working. I retired a year ago at 68...had to now living on SS only and doing fine. Actually I have had a blast this past kids and grandkids keep me young and I have enough projects to last a lifetime. I would bet you will be as busy after you retire as before. Mary in Cincinnati

caroline aka FiberTribe said...

I've just turned 59. I also love new and alt music,techy-geeky things, and fresh fashion. Not trying nor pretending to be other than my age. I'd love to hear what you have to say on the topic. And from where I sit you're not alone. Re: the "adult" development...Note that a smashing clubhouse counts for not much if you've not much in common with others who inhabit it. I spent the last winter living with my 95 year old roomie in an independent senior living facility. It was gorgeous. the food was dreadful and Marv had NOTHING in common with the people there though most were quite nice. just no connection. I'm not sure your bliss needs to fit into one category or the other. loving your grandkids and knitting for them isn't mutually exclusive with a youthful outlook and youthful pastimes, yes? rambling here, but I hope you get the drift.

Catherine said...

I get the drift, and that's where I am. I think there's a lot of people like us - not retired, not ready for the "adult living" and just trying to figure this new way of being the "Older Generation" out.