Sunday, November 17, 2013

Sunday Evening. Again?

Cramming too much into my weekend is getting to be a habit. And I still have 1.5 hats to knit. Every evening this week must be devoted to hat production.

Daughter and Miss D stopped by to help me hang my bathroom mirror, and it went up in 30 seconds. I'd very carefully measured with a steel tape and a level, and had the nails at precisely 24 inches from the backsplash, so it was just a matter of having someone on the other end of the mirror to loop the hanger on the nail. It was just too large for one person to lift and hang single-handedly. It looks great, and I can finally put my makeup on and dry my hair in my bathroom, for the first time since...the last week of August? I've gotten so used to NOT having a mirror, it's a pleasant surprise to see it hanging there. Camera battery needs recharging, sorry. I'll snap a picture or three after recharge. The light fixture over the mirror is really odd and out of place now, and I really must upgrade to something prettier, soon. Not tomorrow, but soon.

Miss D and Mommy stayed for dinner, and Miss D picked her way through the pasta and greens with chickpeas and olives from Wild About Greens: 125 Delectable Vegan Recipes for Kale, Collards, Arugula, Bok Choy, and other Leafy Veggies Everyone Loves. She ate the rotini. She's not ready for kale yet. If I'd made it with spinach I'm sure it would have been another story, but I wasn't planning on guests and had kale to use up. Her mom went back for seconds and liked it. Miss D also ate an entire banana and a third of a large apple, drank milk, and worked on her alphabet puzzle on the couch, solo, with occasional hollering for help with letters that stumped her. Not many did.

Grandma needs a potty seat for the guest bathroom, because the big toilet is just too intimidating when you are barely two and have a butt the size of a postage stamp. They didn't come over intending to stay for dinner, so my daughter wasn't armed with the necessities. They had to cut their visit short after dinner. I'll correct that this week, I promise.

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