Sunday, November 10, 2013

Sundays. Officially Shorter than Other Days.

Seriously. Today FLEW. I spent most of it in a state of fun hangover and chore avoidance, after yesterday's full day of little sleep, dog explosion, errands, laundry, an hour at the nearby Owl Fest, and My Dinner with Miss D.

Sundays are too short, and for me, often wasted.

I'm wondering what will be going on at the office this week. I have had no calls/updates about Friday's drama, but I will tell you it has scared me straight. I've been very half-assed about my diet and exercise for the last three or four months. I could blame work, the insane heat and humidity, and oh yeah, I had NO KITCHEN for FORTY DAYS of it, but the reality is, I quit taking it so seriously. I let crap creep into my diet, and I didn't walk as much or for as long, and gained a few pounds and got much...squishier. I gained about 4 pounds overall, but they are really old lady pounds. My muscle tone has gone, so those four pounds look like much more. And I do have job stress, and I don't sleep enough, and I have allowed salty snacks and fats to creep their insidious way back into my daily menu.

No more. I officially call a halt to this shit. Tonight's dinner: Was FABULOUS. I tweaked the cooking time on the kale, because I didn't finely shred mine in a food processor but just used bite-sized pieces. I added the kale first and gave it several minutes' head start before adding the slightly crispy spiced chickpeas. OMG. This is GOOD! I ate it in a warmed pita. Tomorrow's lunch is a done deal, and actually, lunch all week is pretty much taken care of. It's good enough to eat more than once a week. I have grapes, apples and clementines, and a non-salty nuts and fruit mix (to be dished out in small servings) for when I'm genuinely hungry, vs. bored and wanting to snack.

I am a boredom snacker. I have been sedentary and snacked my way to a true near-death experience already, and I see myself falling into bad habits. I need to cut that shit out NOW. And I will.


Anonymous said...

I looked at that recipe, and it sounds good, but isn't 2 tablespoons of curry a bit much? Remember, I am from Minnesota originally, and weak.


Catherine said...

It's not burny-hot at all. Roasting the chickpeas in the spices tones down the heat in that tablespoon, and the other is toned down by the greens and tomatoes.