Monday, November 04, 2013

That little hat that looked too little?

WAS too little. I think the baby cousin has a stylin' new little cloche, and I will make something else for Supergirl. Miss D tried it on and it fit, sort of, technically, but it didn't fit like a cloche, but more like a beanie. It looks like a baby hat and fits like a baby hat, and the size I made was supposed to fit a head that was 19-20 inches. I guess I could go up a size or two, but seriously, I was on gauge and this should have fit, so now I'm mildly suspicious of the pattern. Maybe I'll try again in a larger size, later. That beautiful child modeling the hat for the designer must not have the kind of giant pumpkin head that runs in our family. So I've found a substitute pattern: Honey Do. It is tried and true and rated 5 stars on Ravelry, and it will fit.

The dogs slept an extra half hour this morning, waking me at 4:45 instead of 4:15. Tomorrow their little clocks should be reset to our wake-up time of 5:15. I've been walking Sophie in the morning without the old guy, and today she did a nearly brisk mile. I use an iPhone app that tracks my time and distance, and our mile was down to 20 minutes, including the obligatory potty stops. Not bad for a tiny dog with tiny legs!

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Brenda said...

I have been trying to knit mittens. I don't understand why, but if my stitch gauge matches the pattern, my row gauge will be WAY off. I'm trying to make two-color mittens with snowflakes and flowers on them, and if I complete all the rows that make up the design motif, the mittens I have tried are at least a good inch too long for my hands. Back to the drawing board---you wouldn't think a small project, like mittens or a hat, would be this hard. (?)