Thursday, November 28, 2013

We arrived safely

After a very long, but not treacherous trip. Only a few sprinkles of rain all the way, but when I reached I-26,everything ground to a halt, and we sat in a six mile back-up. No idea what caused it. Then smaller accidents on the side of the road in Columbia, SC TOOK ANOTHER HALF HOUR. long story short: an 8.5 hour drive took a bit over 10 hours.

And as I crossed the state line into NC, I noticed a few dry flakes swirling around the headlights. By the time I reached my exit, it was starting to cover the roads. I had to make an emergency stop at Petco for a warmer jacket for my little traveling companion, and it's a good thing I did. The wind chill last night was 9 degrees. Not 19. NINE.

Did I pack my big heavy boots? I did not. It will be in the 40s for most of my visit. But I could have used them last night and on our early morning potty trip.

But the snow stopped and this morning is clear and bright. Supergirl's hat fits, and she loved it so much she had to sleep in it. The boots I bought her at Costco fit too, and her two new storybooks were a hit. I am going to go hoarse reading to her.

I don't like typing on this iPad so my updates may be few.

Happy Thanksgiving to all celebrating today, and Happy Hanukkah too!

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Anonymous said...

Glad you made it. Have a great time!