Saturday, November 09, 2013


I said I would post every day in November, and dammit, I will. Consider this one a bookmark. My day started way too early and ended with Dinner with Miss D. Her parents finally got a dinner out together in a real restaurant without her, and we had a fab time. She just turned two last month, but OMG, she's a KID! She can hold a conversation, express her opinions and preferences, she told me she had to pee-pee and ran for the bathroom, her vocabulary is astonishing. She asked to wash her hands before dinner before I even thought to suggest it! We watched an episode of Sesame Street on Netflix, listened for airplanes from the balcony, shared animal crackers with the dogs, and did the hardest puzzle I'd bought for her to "grow into" -Melissa & Doug See-Inside Alphabet Peg Puzzle. Yeah, she knows most of the letters already. She'd pick one up from the upside down pile on the couch between us, announce, "G!" and then study the board to see where it might belong. She's two going on an advanced three, a month past her second birthday.

Both my granddaughters are freaks of nature, in the most delightful ways. Grandma thinks she doesn't need to worry too much about contributing to their college funds, they're already on the road to free rides.


Linda said...

Kids are amazing these days. They know at two what we barely knew in kindergarten.

Catherine said...

We are constantly surprised by things she knows! My daughter said she was getting out of the car the other day and pointed at the moon and announced it was a "half moon!" Really, kid? You know phases of the moon?