Friday, December 20, 2013

Christmas Schmaltz

Okay, this post is powered by eggnog, rum, and sentimentality.

I got my Christmas bonus today. I won't say how much it was, but it was very generous. What made it more special was the way it was delivered.

I work for a very small company. The smallest company I've ever worked for in my life, and it's not flush with cash at the moment, and I won't lie - it has given me pause. It's just so...small! I've seen much, much bigger developers fail, and had a small one go out from under me when the economy tanked in late 2007. I have second-guessed myself, wondered if I should be hedging my bets and looking for something more secure than this very small company in a very volatile business, and I'm not getting any younger, and there was a job online that screamed ME, and I nearly sent a resume. I was thinking about it as early as this morning.

But then, my boss (the guy who owns the company) hands me a very generous bonus, and very sincerely tells me how wonderful it has been since I joined the company, and how everyone inside and outside the company has only great things to say about me, and the calm, positive sense of order I've brought. I'm relaxed and strong and I take charge and deal with issues, and on and on, it was very sweet, and my compensation will be changing in the new year, and that's nice too.

And that's before the head of construction broke out his Christmas gift bottle of sippin' rum. I've never tasted $50 a bottle rum before, and I'm not a rum drinker unless it's in a tropical drink, but I drank my share with the boys. I listened to the development war stories and drank rum with the boys, and it wasn't just the rum that made me feel all warm inside. After the rum there was hugging, and I need to bring my daughter and granddaughter in to meet the boss.

I've worked there less than a year, and I home. It's not the most secure job, it's often scream-worthy and hard and frustrating, and of course it's another high-wire act in developer world, but I truly love the people, and feel part of a small, crazy, screaming and swearing team. I feel comfortable with everyone, and that means more than I can describe, because it's so rare in the working world. There's always...something...that stops you from totally being yourself, but not here. I can be ME with these people, and I have a place. I can see how he has such a small but loyal team - he creates family. And in the working world, and particularly in this industry, that's so rare. I can't begin to tell you how rare.

So I won't be sending that resume. I am where I am, on this ride wherever it goes.


Anonymous said...

I am sure you deserved that bonus...congratulations. Mary in cincinnati

Caroline said...

Best Christmas present ever! And thanks for sharing it. If we're going to spend so many hours there, it's huge when it's a good vibe. Merry Christmas, Catherine!

Anonymous said...

What a nice post. Working for a small company is frightening if look at the future, but at the same time can be really nice. Your boss sounds like a champ, in spite of the craziness. And I'm glad he recognizes what you are doing. Best wishes to all of you in the new year! I'm going to go download one of those books you are liking so much and give it a shot.

Linda said...

It really is amazing to have a great job with great people/ You deserve it! Merry Christmas Catherine! ALL THE BEST IN THE NEW YEAR.

Brenda said...

It's about time you caught a break job-wise. Merry Christmas and a very Happy and Healthy New Year to everyone in the Bossy Little Dog family.