Wednesday, December 25, 2013


The lead-up to Christmas is always so much longer and more elaborate than The Day. All the shopping and cleaning and decorating goes on for weeks, while the day is only one day. At least for me. Tomorrow, it's back to the office, and climbing aboard the Engine 2 Diet. Because boy, do I need to clean up my act. Eliminating eggnog and rum alone will probably result in a small weight loss. True to my word, I sent all the leftovers I don't need in my life home with my daughter, including the rest of the eggnog and rum. Because this has been two weeks of decadence, I feel gross, and this shit must cease. I kept a huge fruit salad and the rest of the veggie tray, and those are going to work with me. Time for clean eating and exercise, because I really, truly do feel better when I don't go off the rails like this. And honestly, the cheese and other non-plant-based foods really didn't taste all that special, and weren't worth it. I used to love brie with a passion, and picked up some good imported stuff, to be fancy. I'm not sure what I'll do with the rest of it, because I really don't want it. Now, a tiny bit goes a long way, and beyond a bite, it's kinda sickening. I'm eager to get back on the wagon.

But Christmas was fun, of course. Miss D made out like a bandit in the last 24 hours, between the loot from Nana and what Santa brought, and then what she got at my house, she scored. She has a nice, well-rounded assortment of big kid toys now, because she is no longer a baby. She has pretend toys like play food and baby furniture and a baby doll, and brain toys like puzzles and books, and a basketball hoop, because her Daddy was a serious basketball player in his youth, and she's already showing the signs of being tall and athletic.

Nana got her baby doll furniture, so I supplied the new baby doll:

It was love at first sight between Miss D and the new baby.

Of course, and predictably, the "can't put it down" gift of the year?
Here, she is brushing her hair with her colorful new hair brush while wearing her blingy new shades. She wore them for the rest of the evening, including after she climbed into the car after dark. By then she'd practiced putting them on and taking them off so many times, I'm sure they were a completely opaque mass of fingerprints. I'm hoping they survive more than a week, but I'm not taking any bets.

My daughter asked for and received a Fitbit Flex Wireless Activity + Sleep Wristband, Black, and I'll be following up to see how she likes it. I already have this Omron HJ-112 Digital Pocket Pedometer and I love it, but it is sitting on my dresser with a light coating of dust. I need to get back to using the pedometer before I spend any money on anything fancier. I don't think a gadget will help at this point, but it might be a motivator to keep going after I get my ass in gear again.

Tomorrow is a work day, and I'm not sorry. It'll be an easy week, and I am looking forward to a couple of quiet work days to focus on the new year.

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