Tuesday, December 03, 2013

This is my nightmare scenario.

Woman attacked while walking her two small dogs. This didn't happen in my own neighborhood but not far away in my zip code, which has been declared Bear Central. We have the dubious honor of the highest number of bear encounters in the region. The neighborhood where this attack took place is slightly more "woodsy" than mine, but my neighborhood is close to the state park. A couple of months ago, I was out walking the dogs just shortly after dark when neighbors alerted me to a bear sighting on the golf course right behind our condos.

And yet, about half my neighbors persist in putting their trash out the night before garbage day, putting me and other neighbors who are out after dark and early in the morning at risk. The garbage truck usually doesn't show up until after 8 a.m. - would it kill them to get their lazy asses out of bed to drag the trash out on garbage day two days a week? I know that several of these oblivious jerks actually leave the house before the garbage truck, so they have ZERO excuse. This is what happens when you put out a buffet for Yogi and Boo Boo twice a week. I hope this woman makes a full recovery, and believe me, I'm extra vigilant when walking the dogs after dark. We stick close to home.


Zippi Kit said...

It will probably take a fine and an order from officials because of the high danger to do it. Of course, the ones who think "government" is "too big" will start whining immediately. Sad.

I will keep you all close in my thoughts. We camped in Sequoia and the bears were very aggressive. Someone tried to use bleach in the face of one bear - big mistake.

Anonymous said...

Scary! Take care, Catherine, please !! I do not know how things are organised 'over there', but here in any sort of block of flats or apartments, the 'Body Corporate' would be notifying every resident and tenant of their obligations especially in such a HUGE safety issue.
Here, our only 'bear' is the Koala, and it isn't a bear at all.
Of course there is the legendary and mythical 'Drop Bear', used to mystify and tease gullible tourists.
As in "I wouldn't camp under THAT tree, mate, it's full of Drop Bears".

Keep safe,

Gae, in Callala Bay

Anonymous said...

That's terrible! Up here, the bears are still relatively scared of people.
I agree; I would like to think that if there were that many bear reports, the authorities would step up and demand that people think and act like there are consequences.
But then, I went camping when I was a kid, and learned about basic things like "don't leave garbage around for the bears."

Catherine said...

I wish we had a way to fine people, but right now, it's not against the law to put your trash out the night before garbage day. And, unfortunately, in my condo community, a couple of the offenders are on the damn board of directors. There's no help there. I stay close to home after dark, and I'm always watching and listening. I'd vote for better lighting, too.