Sunday, January 05, 2014

A few days late, but here's

Cancer's Horoscope for January.

The fragment that made me laugh?

Earlier I mentioned that Mars will treat the new moon harshly on January 1, and that's true. I do want to add that Mars seems to be putting quite a spotlight on your home, not only this month, but straight through July 2014, due to Mars' trek through Libra. Mars brings enormous energy, noise, and activity, so home is becoming a main focus for you. You may have ordered painters, contractors, or other maintenance people in to do repairs, or you may be redecorating. It is alternatively possible you will be hosting many guests at your home in the months ahead, and that would explain the buzz of activity.

If you've forgotten, my daughter's Sun sign is also Cancer. She lives in the house that is about to be invaded by contractors, to the extreme detriment of my cash flow situation, but, once again, it has to be done and might as well get it over with. Rip off that bandaid and deal with that sorry-ass bathroom. I'm just REALLY, REALLY sorry to hear that if the Horoscope Lady is right, this crap is going to go on until July. I'm hoping this means that we'll do the hall bath now, and maybe do the desperately needed new carpet in July, or that my daughter is going to have a lot of house guests.

I rode my bike again today, and once again, ran into my courtyard neighbor who always has to say something jocular. I was carrying the trash down to the garage (I don't put the trash out the night before garbage day and wish to God he didn't), and planned to ride my bike for half an hour, which was all the daylight we had left. He saw me and immediately asked if I was sore after yesterday's ride. I said I wasn't, and was about to go for another ride. And I did. 5 miles, a very leisurely half hour, then the sun was too low. I need a few more rides like this to get my riding groove back, but I'm much better than I was when I first got the bike. I'm not thinking about riding now, I'm just riding, and that's how it should be.

Today's weather was spectacular - 80-ish degrees and sunny. Depending on the weather prognosticator one consults, we will plunge to a low of 30 either Monday or Tuesday, but we are in for a sudden very, very cold snap, followed by major warming. Weather Underground's prediction for next Saturday? 86. Apparently Florida is going to be the caboose on the winter game of climate change crack-the-whip.


Anonymous said...

I am so ready to ride, but there's the problem of five-foot-high snow drifts.
Sorry for the crazy weather!


Catherine said...

Oh, I"m not whining about the weather, just sighing. All we get out of a freeze is the expense of replacing dead landscaping, and everybody gets higher produce prices if crops freeze.