Monday, January 20, 2014

Dudley's Terrible, Awful, Very Bad Day, in pictures.

Something is going on, and Dudley does NOT like it.


Big boo-boo.

He's still fairly loopy from the anesthetic, so they are letting him sleep it off curled up in comfort. He's going to have to wear the dreaded satellite dish enough - at night, so he doesn't pick at the stitches while they sleep, and while crated during the day. Even if he left the stitches alone, there are two other animals who are very, very curious about what went on today.

But he's home, the growth was sent to the pathologist, and the grand total came to $694. You wonderful, wonderful Crazy Dog Ladies of the Internets donated a mind-boggling $270 total! My daughter and I will split the balance, until they get their tax refund and (fingers crossed) can pay me back. Seriously, this helps SO much, you have no idea. I wish I knew how to repay you - if you'd like a guaranteed free room in an unglamorous bed and breakfast about 45 minutes from Disney, just ask. :-)


KatyaR said...

Poor sweet baby. He looks so very sad....

We will keep our fingers crossed for him and for the rest of you as well.

KatyaR and Basie

Anonymous said...

Dudley - play that sympathy card for all it is worth!
A little artistic hobble (just make sure you pick the correct leg) really helps.

Seriously, Dudley, all the best from

Ace and Fred, in Callala Bay