Sunday, January 12, 2014

Oh, Dudleydog.

My granddog Dudley had developed a lump in the last couple of weeks, and my daughter, an observant and cautious dogmom, didn't like the look of it. He saw the vet today. It's a mast cell tumor. Shit. Damn.

The good news: It was spotted very early, and fingers are crossed that it can be removed with clean margins and not return.

The bad news: The surgery will cost as much as $750, and that doesn't even include any needed follow-up care. My daughter and son-in-law work with autistic kids full time, and are paid peanuts for the hard work they do. She's in her last semester of grad school, after which she hopes to see a significant improvement in her income, but that won't happen until summer, at best. Letting this tumor go until they can afford it is not an option, so I've told her I'd lend her half the surgery cost, which is a hardship for me, too.

But, DAMN. I still have to deal with the freaking bathroom in the house they rent from me, and I don't even have a price on that little problem yet.

Note: if you are new around these parts, you may think I'm a landlady by choice and I make money off their renting the house. Um, no. The house is mortgaged and they barely cover the mortgage payment for me. We are all barely squeaking by until she graduates and gets a higher-paying job and I can sell that house. I am currently earning secretary pay at my job (and that's a totally different source of dismay and a subject for another day) and have little to spare. $750 for Dudley's cancer surgery is huge, for all of us.

So, though I'm a very little nobody blogger I'm thinking of starting a crowd funding thing for Dudley, here on the blog and elsewhere. After I figure out how to do it I'll stick a Paypal button in my sidebar, and maybe even make a Dudley page. I feel weird about doing this, but I know people do it. He's a happy, lovable dog, and only 8 years old, in the prime of his life. One way or another, we'll figure out a way to do this.

UPDATE: I've created the button and put it in my sidebar. Please don't feel obligated in any way to contribute, but if you do, we will be eternally grateful. I will provide full disclosure of any contributions and expenditures; not the donor names and amounts but money in and out, we are not going to secretly use any money raised for anything else. Right now, the balance in my Paypal account is a big $15.60, and and that, too, will go toward his medical bills.

My First Grandbaby


Anonymous said...

If the fighting fund is on PayPal, count me IN.
Don't feel weird about it, we are all crazy dog ladies here!
The sooner this nasty thing can be trounced, the better, he is much too young to die.
Tell Dudley from us that only the good die young.
I only wish that Brutus' pancreatic cancer had been visible in some way, by the time it was diagnosed it was way too late for anything but palliative care.

Gae, in Callala Bay

Catherine said...

Oh, THANK YOU GAE!! My daughter saw this comment and texted me immediately to say how wonderful you are and we love you!

Teresa said...

I sent you a donation for Dudley. Would you mind if I mentioned your blog and Dudley's fund on Facebook? There are a lot of animal lovers out there.

Catherine said...

Teresa, I've kept the blog separate from Facebook, where I use my real name, out of some really intense paranoia about crossing the internet and real world streams. I think it's time I got over that. Please do share, if you wish!

And thank you, thank you, thank you for your donation!