Sunday, February 23, 2014

And Another Weekend Ends, Way Too Soon.

It was a weekend of getting things done, except for the desperately needed haircut. My stylist at the cheapo salon is sick, and next weekend I will have company - the best company, a visit from my son, daughter-in-law, and Supergirl! - but I still have to somehow figure out how to do something about my hair. I may beg my DiL to bring her tools. I hate to do that, she's on VACATION, but I'd rather have her cut my hair than anyone. If I could afford to fly to AVL every 5 or 6 weeks, you better believe I'd do it. ;-) Hoping my local stylist recovers and is back at work AND has an opening I can get in for before next weekend, because my hair has passed the point of "shaggy but cute" and is now at "misshapen, neglected bag lady hair." Just add some heat and humidity, and everything goes to hell.

But the bathroom is done and glorious, I found a mirror and switchplate covers at Lowe's, and we'll make a decision about paint this week and paint the weekend after next. Next weekend is family time - depending on the weather, we will take the girls to either: Kelly Park (if it's warm enough to get into the water) or if it's too chilly for a dip in the springs:Gilbert Park, or, if the weather suddenly turns on us completely, we can fall back on The Orlando Science Center. They have an interactive space for preschoolers, and I think these two very bright preschoolers would love it. I'm excited to get the girls together now that Delaney is no longer a baby, but a bright, endlessly chatty KID. It should be a lively visit!

I kept her for a couple of hours today, until a tornado warning (that didn't even bring a drop of rain) broke up the party, so my daughter could study. OMG, this child is hilarious, and never, ever, ever stops talking. (Neither does my other granddaughter, so I am prepared to feel my ears melt off next weekend.) She's all about art right now, and I prepared for her visit by grabbing some washable markers and paper when I went to Target. She was off and creating, happy as a clam! I printed letters for her, she named them, and selected the colors for the next ones. She knows her letters and colors, definitely - I did get a kick out of how brown isn't just brown, but "chocolate brown." She's like a tiny designer already.

Here, she informed me that she is drawing "pink feathers." She's not quite 2.5 yet! How does she know the word "feathers" let alone how to draw them? Isn't she still supposed to be eating paste?

Then I was instructed about the ways of Swiper, who was spotted in the living room, and then in the tree near the balcony. There is a hand gesture that goes with "Swiper, no swiping!" and I was shamefully ignorant of this - I was taught to hold my hand up like "Stop!" while repeating the words.

Later we turned on the TV and she asked for Barney. I found an episode on the On Demand channel just as cell phones all over the area went off to alert us to a tornado warning (it was overcast but not even raining). My daughter called a few minutes later to say she'd come collect Miss D before wild weather hit and we were stuck in our respective homes. Of course, the wild weather then hooked north and we didn't get so much as a raindrop, but our neighborhood actually was called out as one under the tornado threat. No, I didn't fake it just to get the hell away from Barney; that was just an unexpected benefit.

My daughter is studying for the first of two professional certification exams she's taking this year, and the first is tomorrow at 4. If you can send any prayers/energy/positive thoughts/virtual coffee her way, it would be much appreciated. She wants to get a higher paying job, so we never have to ask the Crazy Dog Ladies of her mom's blog to help her with a vet bill again. This is step one in that process.

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besshaile said...

academic prayers flying south.

I loved the GH regency world book - bought it for the library - but then. I love all things GH. sigh. even her not so great books are still better than so much else. The world's best candy fluff.