Friday, February 21, 2014

No Big Reveal Today Either.

My contractor called this afternoon to report that the vanity countertop will be going in tomorrow morning. (I had thought it was rather overly ambitious to expect the stone guy to have time to cut and polish the piece we selected in a single day, when he obviously had other jobs in progress, even if they did have a long-standing working relationship.) So, tomorrow, the Big Reveal, unless something goes wrong, and it will NOT go wrong. No, it won't. It just won't.

This was a LONG week at work, and I'm exhausted from sitting so much. I realized that this is the big change in my life that caused me to put on 8 pounds over the course of the year. I wish I could find a more active job that paid enough to pay the bills, but so far, I'm stumped about how to go about that. So, I need to make Not Sitting a priority when I am not at work, and that's tricky when many of my favorite things to do involve, yup, sitting. Knitting, for one thing. Talk about a dilemma - I need to knit for the stress relief - the soothing rhythm of the stitches really does work magic - yet, I need to get more exercise than I'm getting, and also more sleep, and the house does need cleaning and such on the weekends, and there are still only 24 hours in the day. Someone really should do something about that.

I have been so busy and the days have been flying, and I suddenly realized that tomorrow is my 7th unbirthday, aka, the 7th anniversary of my brain thang!

I have a tradition of getting myself a little gift to celebrate. I wear this Celtic Tree of Life Art Symbol with Sun and Moon Sterling Silver Pendant with 18" Necklace every day, as a personal reminder to be glad to be here. (I did replace the chain with a sturdier one, because the one that came with it was very delicate.) This year I've been so busy (and so hammered with unexpected home expenses), I didn't even think about what I wanted. I think I'll have to browse my Amazon wish list and get myself a little something, just to keep the tradition going.


Anonymous said...

Happy Unbirthday and many happy returns too!
That means I've been reading you for a little over 7 years then, because the Brain Thang happened shortly after I found your blog.

A toast to you and the pooches.


Catherine said...

It really amazes me sometimes to see the friendships (and I do think of them that way) that have formed from this silly little self-indulgent blog! One of these days, when I win the lottery, I will travel to visit every city where one of my regular commenters lives to hug them in person.

besshaile said...

Happy H appy unBirthday.

So glad you're here to celebrate it.