Friday, February 14, 2014

Yay Friday!

Actually, I'm not too sure why I'm "Yay-ing," because I have a full weekend of shit to do ahead, including boring paperwork-type tasks. I must finalize my taxes and get them filed, because I need that tax refund money very, very badly.

I met up with my contractor at Lowe's late yesterday afternoon. I think I made a good choice with this guy. He's decisive and energetic and talks fast and treats me like someone who knows what she's doing - IOW, very not a Good Ole Boy type. He sort of apologized for that, he didn't want to rush me. He said he'd been thinking about what to do as a fairly economical-but-not-cheap-looking plan, and he wanted to show me what he'd used on a recent job. We walked into Lowe's and he led me like a tracking dog to a selection of tile. He'd brought a sample of the cabinet he gets from his supplier. We threw the pieces together on the floor of the store, and hit the right combination in under fifteen minutes. I told him he'd hit the bullseye - it was exactly my idea of a quality, neutral bathroom remodel, and I already trust his judgment - we definitely can work together. I wish I'd found him last spring, and I'll be using him for other things (whenever I have money again).

Flooring tile to the left, tub surround tile to the right. They are not identical, but they harmonize nicely. The small mosaic squares are a decorative element he throws in just because. The cabinet color is from the most inexpensive line, and it's solid wood. He also has a source for a granite countertop and under-mount sink from a guy who has granite remmants from bigger jobs. It's neutral and buyer-friendly, it's in my price range, and it will add to the value of the property and not be just a cheap fix for a disaster bathroom. It's going to be really lovely, even if it is just a wee little 5x8 foot bathroom in a small house.

And High Energy Contractor Guy can start on MONDAY! He just finished a job and has two month-long jobs signed on, but he can squeeze this in between. So, before I had a chance to catch my breath (or rebuild my bank account) from the last round, I am off and remodeling again. God help me.


Brenda said...

Looks good---I think all the colors in the small tiles tie all the other materials together beautifully. I am experiencing some serious bathroom envy here!

Anonymous said...

A handsome combo for a small bathroom. Smart, neat, and attractive if the time ever comes to sell.
(But you thought of that, didn't you?)

Gae, in Callala Bay

Catherine said...

Exactly Gae! I told him up front that the bathroom had to be nicer than before but not extravagant, and neutral for resale value, and he got it immediately and just HANDED me things that would work.