Monday, March 24, 2014


Happy Birthday Murphy! You are 14 years old today! And it's a funny thing, but over the weekend you stopped acting like you were fixin' to die on us, and got a shot of youthful vigor from somewhere!

He's bouncy and feisty, and even walking down the stairs on his own again. He's dancing around, pestering, and back to being The Full Murphy. I have no idea. Tonight he met a very young Lhasa Apso on our walk, and ran up to her squealing with excitement to give her a kiss! He hasn't been responding to much for weeks, and I'm really baffled at his sudden turnaround, but whatever it is, I hope it continues! The Murphinator is BACK, Baby!


Gae, in Callala Bay said...

Happy Birthday, Murphy - keep 'em guessing !!

Best wishes from,

Ace and Fred, in Callala Bay

Brenda said...

Happy Birthday, Dear Murphy!

KatyaR said...

So glad to hear he's feeling good! Happy birthday, Murphy!

KatyaR and Basie