Sunday, March 23, 2014

Sometimes the best laid plans go all sideways.

Okay, so they weren't the best laid plans. They were really last minute plans, of the "Let's do something fun!" text message level of planning. Last night my daughter and I decided we'd take Miss D to the beach, to run around, build sandcastles and hang out, and then do lunch. The weather was to be partly cloudy and around 80 degrees, and I really, really wanted to go to the beach. I didn't get to the beach even once last summer, and it's 45 minutes away. Think about that for a minute. It says a lot about a life out of whack.

But today continued the pattern - my daughter woke up with what we will politely call a gastrointestinal upset, and didn't want to go to the beach because well, you can do the math. Meanwhile, Miss D woke up all happy about The Beach! We aren't sure she has any idea what The Beach means, but she was going, and with Grandma! But The Beach is noticeably deficient in The Restrooms, not to mention a drive along a road with no decent places to stop, so that was out of the question.

So we discussed Plan B - we could go to the zoo! Then...Miss D experienced the same gastrointestinal distress situation. Okay, no zoo. She was feeling fine, she insisted she was, but her mommy and I had the same mental image of a little girl so enchanted by the chance to feed the giraffes she'd neglect to mention the urgent need to poop.

So, we didn't do anything fun today. And the weather never became the partly cloudy as promised, but was gray and humid and yucky, so I behaved like a responsible grownup and cleaned the house. It was as much fun as it sounds, of course.

And my fun new glasses? Are going back. They don't fit comfortably. I have been back to the store three times for adjustments already, and a brand new and different pinchy place is pinching above my right ear even as I type this. So, since my day was already shot, fun-wise, I went back to the store for the fifth time in four days, and said I had to exchange them. I do love LensCrafters for their generous exchange policy - it was easy as can be.

I picked out a new frame. They are not as fun and bold as these, but they aren't as bland as the old ones, either. They are metal and a lighter weight with a spring hinge though, and apparently they are what my prescription demands if I don't want to spend my life fiddling with my glasses and getting on a first name basis with the staff at the store when I come whining in with a sore spot, needing an adjustment. The price difference was a big $18 in my favor, and I am still wearing the pinchy glasses until the new ones come in, which will take about two weeks. I'm going to be very crabby until then, because fiddling with glasses that pinch in a new place every day gets old damn fast.

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