Friday, April 18, 2014

A Stormy Good Friday

Breaking a week of blog silence while drinking my first cup of coffee. If all the blog topics rattling around in my head while I'm driving/working/walking the dogs could make it to the keyboard while I'm thinking them, there would have been three posts a day. I've been chewing on a series of rants, among other more positive topics, and rather than spill them out in one long teal deer, I am going to act like a real blogger and take the time to develop them. I'm chock full of book reviews and rants and recipes I've discovered, but I haven't been organized enough to get them out of my head and share them here.

Work has been madly busy, and I sometimes miss having a normal job with a normal job description. I thought it was just my boss being his quirky self when I was told we have no job titles. Truly, our business cards just have the business name and our names and contact information.This is a problem when signing up for services when a form requires a job title - I usually alternate between "paralegal" and "executive assistant," though neither is accurate. A typical day may involve legal research and incorporating new entities in other states and ordering toner for the copier. I schedule meetings for the boss and try to keep up with his whereabouts between my own conference calls with outside counsel about new projects. I've started describing myself as Chief Cook and Bottle Washer. My father used to use that expression, so I've decided to adopt it. It fits.

Our offices are not closed for Good Friday, though I do hope to cut out a bit early to get a head start on the weekend. I'm doing a very small Easter brunch for my daughter and Miss D on Sunday - the Easter Bunny told me he's dropping off a basket here, and hiding a few eggs. The weather is supposed to turn nasty today, with slow-moving, very heavy rain, a few thunderstorms, and maybe hail and tornadoes. I hope to make a quick stop at the stores on my way home and then get a jump on cleaning the house, so the Easter Bunny isn't hiding eggs in dog hair.

Coffee's done, time to get the dogs out for their morning walkies. Though the storms are not supposed to start until noon, it's already very humid and threatening.

More this weekend, I swear!

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Gae, in Callala Bay said...

This business of having to work on Good Friday - it is a public holiday here, so is today (Monday 21.4..4) and for an added bonus Friday (25.4.14) is one of our important commemorative public holidays, ANZAC Day. This means a 3 day working week for all except essential services and some retail. One of our employees will be using some of his annual holidays to have the break between Easter and the ANZAC weekend.
ANZAC (Australian & New Zealand Army Corps) is based on the landings at Gallipoli, but commemorates all our service men and women.

Gae, in Callala Bay