Tuesday, April 01, 2014

April? Already?

Announcement: I haven't been emailing anybody. If you get an email from me, delete it. I am taking steps to stop the bastards, but please let me know whenever you get email from me. Is it from the bossylittledog address, or another? Just say "another" and I'll change all my passwords.

Limited blogging last week can be explained by unlimited work hours. I got home on Thursday at 9:40, and on Friday at 11:30. That's PM. We had a two day meeting, and somehow I had to plan the content, book speakers, generally coordinate much of it and attend, and no, I don't get overtime. (Don't ask. It's the South.) It all went very well, everyone learned and laughed and partied and hugged, and damn, can those people drink! And eat. Oh, did we ever EAT!

Do I stay all virtuous and plant-based at business dinners, and ask the restaurant to make special food for me? I do not. My attitude is that these events are so infrequent there's no reason to make a fuss, but I may need to rethink that low-key, no-fuss position, because Thursday night I ate salmon and veggies, a nice big piece of grilled wild-caught salmon, and it was tasty, and oh, did I ever experience distress after! My body had lost its tolerance for high fat meals, and salmon is definitely a high fat fish - but it was better than the alternatives on the menu. I was miserable and got about 4 hours' sleep, before launching on an even longer day on Friday. Nobody else reported Distress from the fish and many people ordered it. It was a really fine restaurant, not JoeBob's Fish Palace, so I'm quite confident it was me, not them.

I ate much more carefully on Friday - one slice of tasty but greasy and cheesy mushroom pizza, with lots of salad at lunch, and roasted vegetables and orzo for dinner. It was the only vegetarian option on the menu and it was pretty pathetic, but I wasn't sick later and enjoyed the rest of the evening. I also had zero regrets about passing on ice cream when everyone else was indulging. I've discovered that after eating a lower fat, lower dairy, no meat, a little fish now and then kind of diet, I not only do not miss ice cream and meat, I truly do not want it because it makes me feel gross. The last time I ate ice cream was before Delaney was born, and the next day I thought I was going to have to go to the ER, the cramps and the runs were that bad! I was in town from Asheville to look for a place to live and didn't have time to be sick, but I was so very sick! After that delightful experience I am not even slightly tempted by ice cream. I was raised on the stuff, and Haagen Daas was its own food group in our house 20 years ago. Now, no thank you. My body has adjusted to a healthier program and "indulgences" like that have lost their appeal. I honestly don't miss it, or care.

Sort of how the giraffes at the Central Florida Zoo feel about romaine lettuce. We went to the zoo on Sunday, mostly to see and feed the giraffes. We saw them, but feed them? They were totally uninterested. I felt sorry for the woman, I'm pretty sure a zoo docent, who stood by the feeding area and desperately waved lettuce at them, then leaves of something more interesting, then romaine again, while they contentedly ate from their feeders and nibbled low tree branches. "No thanks, we're good!" I felt for the woman, as she was at that gate trying to get their attention the entire time we were at the zoo, waving her leaf of lettuce. The giraffes shrugged, wandered around, didn't give a damn. We watched this show for a bit, Delaney saw giraffes, and we moved on. They need to find something more enticing than romaine if they want to make this feeding the giraffes thing work.

Fortunately, the llama and alpaca in the petting area weren't nearly so picky.

I wish I'd gotten a better picture, but that little hand feeding her first alpaca belongs to Miss D. I shall sign an affidavit attesting to this.

They, and the boer goats and the zebu were appreciative of treats. It was a ridiculously beautiful day,

and probably the last zoo trip for the year, because the HEAT IS ON. Mid-80s today, and it only gets worse from here. Zoos and theme parks won't happen again until October, maybe November.

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Brenda said...

I have gotten the spam from both the bossylittledog address and something that had your real name on it. I can't remember exactly what that one said and I flagged it as spam, so I can't go back in my email and check. I've gotten three messages from "you" over the last two weeks or so. (Rastard spammers!)