Saturday, April 26, 2014

Both Awesome and...Embarrassing.

The post below is a slapdash start of a book review, a book by Scott Adams, the creator of the Dilbert comic strip. I really liked the book and wanted to write about why, and started a post about it, and days passed, and then more days passed, and eventually I concluded that I was never going to find time to sit down and write a really detailed post about all the things I found interesting because I've heard them before from other highly successful people, and have come to believe they are true. Affirmations - I used to think they were woo-woo, until I met enough millionaires who swear by writing them daily. And goals are crap - Scott Adams writes very convincingly about why goals don't work, but systems do.

I intended to write more details and never got around to it, so eventually I just hit Publish on what I had, figuring that those topics would end up in later posts one of these days, because I do want to talk about them. I noticed afterward that I hadn't even put a title on the post, nor did I mention the author's name in the body of the post. And the first and only comment the post got was...from the author. Scott Adams. That's his name, btw. I know you won't know that just reading the post. [hangs head]

Allow me a moment of fangirl SQUEEEEE!!! Unless you served a couple of decades in Corporate America, particularly in the 90s, you can't quite understand what Dilbert meant to so many of us. My late husband was a computer guy, like Dilbert. He wore the short-sleeved white shirt and tie of the tech guy for most of his career. Dilbert was one of the first things we read in the paper every day. Later, when I worked in the law department of The Big Homebuilder Which Must Not Be Named, we had a Dilbert comic of the day calendar. It was a gift to my boss, and we soon developed a ritual of gathering in his office to consult what he called, "The Oracle of Dilbert," to see what kind of fresh horseshit would fall on us that day. The Oracle called it more often than not. I am a Dilbert disciple from waaay back. So you have to allow me this moment of pure fangirl: Scott Adams found my blog! Scott Adams found my blog! He left a comment!!!

On a post without a title, in which I never even mentioned that he wrote the book I was talking about...sigh. But still: SCOTT ADAMS LEFT A COMMENT! SQUEEEE!

Okay, I've got that out of my system. I still wish I'd come back to edit the post. I meant to, honest I did. Sigh.


k said...

Oh so squeee. Do you remember the series about how killing a temp didn't count? Hi Mr. Adams! Glad to have come this close!

Catherine said...

Oh yes! I worked as a legal temp for a couple of years in the early 90s, too!

Anonymous said...