Tuesday, April 29, 2014

I Flunk Dogmama and Blogger in a Single Fail!

YESTERDAY was Sophie's 5th birthday. Did I write a sincerely beautiful post about the joy she's brought to my life in the last 4 years? I did not. I did buy her a new harness and leash for her birthday, but failed to mention her birthday on the day itself.

From the "day late and dollar short" files:

Happy 5th birthday plus one day, Sophie! You are the cuddliest, funniest, most TV-addicted and all-around interesting dog I've ever known. I'm about to tell an embarrassing mommy type story about you on the internets, so I'm glad you can't read.

When I am stuck at work all day and a girl has to do what a girl has to do, Sophie takes care of business. Always, always, on the tile floor in the tiny toilet/shower space in my bathroom. I can see her little doggy good girl mind at work here: "This is where Mommy does it!" And of course I never scold her - how could I? She has 1400+ square feet of floor space at her disposal, so to speak, and she selects the tile in the very small bathroom near the toilet? She's a good girl. All I have to do to clean up is pick up with toilet paper and deposit and flush, then wipe the floor with disinfectant. I suspect that if I left a step stool and the lid up, she'd attempt to use the toilet. She understands the purpose of the bathroom, and it makes me laugh and love her so much. Like watching TV and appreciating football, there's a lot going on in her little doggy brain.

This is a very rare event, maybe once every couple of months when I am stuck at work late, and when it does happen I just quietly clean it up, and tell her she's a Good Girl, because she is. Happy Birthday Sophie!


KatyaR said...

Happy birthday, Sophie!

KatyaR and Basie

Gae, in Callala Bay said...

Sophie is extremely smart and considerate, and wish her many Happy Returns of the day from us all.

One of the cats we had years ago, if some visitor or other had closed the bathroom door, and cut off Sam-the-Siamese's access to her litter tray, would use the kitchen sink - and how difficult is it to clean and sanitise stainless steel? I felt the same way about it, she had a problem, she solved it.

Brenda said...

Wanna trade? I worked a few hours this afternoon, and Hannah (also known as Satan McNaughtyPants)went through my knitting bag, found an EOS lip balm, unscrewed the cap, and ate the entire ball of strawberry-flavored lip balm. She kind of ratted herself out---when I came through the door and called for her, I kind of wondered why she didn't come to greet me. Yorkitude!

Yellow Lab Puppies said...

Happy birthday to Sophie the cutest doggie and have a new bone for her in present!!