Thursday, April 03, 2014

Three Hours.

Last week I put in, let's see...4.5 hours of OT on Thursday, and 6.5 on Friday, and I am salaried and don't get OT, even though, like many people in my industry, my salary is what I was making in 1996.

So today, I took three hours of ME time. I actually got 2.5 hours, because as I was leaving, our accountant asked if I could stop and drop off some paperwork at an office I would be passing. It really was on my way and took 10 minutes, but I had to wait for him to get it ready, and park, and walk in, and hand it over, and okay, it really was a 10 minute detour at most, and I didn't really mind. Much.

In (less than) three hours, I made some progress on cleaning my house, did some laundry, changed the sheets, and put away a lot of clutter. Then I got my hair cut and stopped at the grocery store, then got a voicemail message that my replacement glasses were ready, so for an encore I picked up my new glasses. I also put the deposit on the place we're renting in Ft. Lauderdale for my daughter's graduation in June. Which is a deal - we will split the cost with her in-laws, and it works out to cheaper than a really cheap hotel! It was a well-spent time, and I'm still doing laundry. Then I will sit down and knit.

If I am not going to get more money anytime soon, I am going to do this at least every other week.


besshaile said...

At least - I'd aim for every week. That's what I do.

Teresa said...

Right now ANY salary sounds good. Up here in Chicagoland the jobs are scarce and the competition is tough. I've been out of work since December, and I'm about to lose my mind.

So not to be preachy or anything, but I'm glad you are employed and I hope to be again one day!

Congratulations to your daughter on her graduation!