Saturday, May 03, 2014

A Couple of Random Things I Didn't Know Until Recently.

Did you know that a standard Mason jar will fit on most standard blenders? Truefact. I read this, rushed to the kitchen to test it, and stood there, staring, wondering why anybody (like me) gets talked into buying those special mini-blenders, when you can buy a dozen Mason jars for less. Truly a great idea for blending small amounts of salad dressings, sauces, whatevers, not to mention smoothies. That small messy jar gets popped into the dishwasher like a coffee cup. I am all about anything that means less cleanup.

If you are going to knit with two circs (something I do on occasion but still find annoying as hell) life is better if they are mismatched. Size much match, of course, but in an ideal world, I'd have two size 4 circs of the same length in two different colors working at the same time. I don't have two of the same length, but having one with a black cord and one with a clear cord does make the start of a round easier to spot.

What am I making? Templeton Square.

I needed something easy and portable, and preferably, cotton, to get me through the hot summer months. And what's better than squares? I'm seeing a throw for my bed in diagonal squares of neutral colors. I happened to have 5 skeins of Cascade Sierra in cream, to get started. Now I have to figure out the rest, because just as I discovered this as my perfect summer knitting, I also learned that Cascade has discontinued Sierra. Rat Bastards.


Brenda said...

Have you thought about Cotton Fleece from Brown Sheep? It is the same fiber content as Sierra, but it has 215 yards per skein. Is that close enough in weight?

Catherine said...

Oh, I hadn't thought of Cotton Fleece! I remember using it a few times, oh, seriously, at least 10 years ago. It might work.