Tuesday, May 06, 2014

A week into the 28 Day Challenge....

And I'm definitely eating better and paying more attention to my stress level and my response to it. I'm knitting again. Last night I stayed up until 11 watching a rerun of Shrek, and knitting on that Templeton Square. Staying up too late isn't really a good side effect of knitting, but this is one of those easy yet not mindless patterns I love. I realized I have enough Cascade Sierra to make a cream colored throw/baby blanket for a grandchild to be determined later. And considering the speed at which I will finish it, there's plenty of time to conceive the recipient. I'll still be crunching to get it done before kindergarten.

Tonight's goal: be in bed at 9:30. I took both dogs for a lovely walkie as the sun was going down, and Murphy not only kept up, but was quite engaged and alert. His energy and alertness comes and goes, as it would with most human nonagenarians, but he's still having more good days than bad, and he's definitely not ready to shuffle off to the Rainbow Bridge.

I'm nearly through listening to Whole: Rethinking the Science of Nutrition and I like it immensely. It's not a preachy screed about why you will die if you don't Obey My Diet Rules ABSOLUTELY, which I will now lay out for you in mind-numbing detail accompanied by horror stories, but it IS a screed in its own way. It's a "Step back and follow the money, and question everything you've been taught," polemic written by a man with a half century's experience in the biz of science and nutrition. I've come late to this book, after reading several other books about the Whole Foods Plant Based diet, and I had already independently reached most of the conclusions he has, but he's backed it up with decades of specific studies and a lifetime of work.

As for work, we're going in on an office pool of Lotto jackpot tickets. If we win, the company will be out of business in less than a month, because half of it will retire on the spot. I will be running at the front of the pack toward the door.

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