Monday, May 12, 2014

Careening into Weeks of Crazy.

Without getting too specific about my job, because I do retain some semblance of separation between work and blog, let's just say that the stars have collided and three major deadlines are all requiring simultaneous, complicated, high-stakes plate juggling, and the next several weeks are going to SUUUCK.

The bump on Sophie's nose? Was nothing at all. I thought it was nothing much, but then couldn't flake it off with a gentle fingernail when I tried, and didn't want to hurt her. Her favorite vet tech (who loves her and greets her like his favorite guest) was able to loosen it up and remove it with a warm wet gauze and a lot of sweet talk. We debated what it was - he described it as a "crusty booger" but no booger hangs on for over two weeks or is so stubborn to dislodge - and I did try. My money is on crusted fire ant bite scab. It was a scab for over two weeks, and didn't flake away without intervention. Anyway, it was nothing at all, and stand down from dog bump alert, at least until the next time she sticks her nose too near a fire ant mound.

Sophie then disappeared into the back of the office for a very long time, for her nail clip and anal glands, and "Oooh, Sophie! Come here Sophie! Isn't she cute! Hey, have you met Sophie?" Yes, guys, I could hear you. I was waiting in that little room while my dog partied with you for at least ten minutes after you were done with her nails and butt. They are a Boston Terrier crazy office, and every time I take her, she has to do the tour so everybody can love on her.

Then it was six months' of heartworm meds/flea prevention for two, prescription food required by the Bossy Old Man's needs, and I said goodbye to more than a month's car payment on a Toyota Corolla. We were done.

Baby is a good car. She keeps on rolling.

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