Sunday, May 25, 2014

Exercise. Yeah.

About that 5 pound weight loss and fitting into my formerly too tight to wear jeans (that a year ago were my "fat jeans," but let's not dwell on that too much):

Yes, the jeans fit again, and yay! BUT...I pulled out the bathing suits today, and crashed back to reality again. Just to be clear, this is not about size or body issues or looking younger than I am - I'm not going to say what size these bathing suits are, because this isn't about a goal size, but about how I want to look at the size I am. These are not sexy bathing suits; these are practical, functional Land's End tankinis with moderately high cut bottoms, underwire bra cups, and what should be a grandmotherly level of coverage.

And damn, the difference between my month of eating right and walking and my daughter's month of eating right and three intense workouts a week was definitely obvious. Her fitness plan involved a lot of exercise, which from my review looks like a lot of intense yoga moves. She looks much slimmer and MUCH more fit. Mine was diet and walking. I've lost 5 pounds, but I'm as doughy as ever and the results show mostly on the scale. Even taking age and body type into account, her results were strikingly better than mine.

The bathing suits fit in the most technical sense; they were not about to burst at the seams, but are far from flattering. I look very puffy and bulgy in places that didn't puff and bulge before this year of riding a desk again combined with the year that Menopause Body arrived. The worst fitting created an alarming tableau of depressing cleavage and armpit fat; the best wasn't much better, but is wearable, and will be better after I get the damn mat out.

Today convinced me that I need at least 3 good yoga or Pilates sessions a week, no excuses. That is the difference between a loss on the scale and actually looking fit. And that led me to my technological learning moment!

As discussed here, I'm loving my Mother's Day Roku gadget. As I said, I was somewhat disappointed that I couldn't install it on the Elderly Samsung in the living room and had to put it in the bedroom, because one of the channel offerings is GaiamTV, which is treasure of yoga and Pilates workout videos, among many other topics. I thought I would have to settle for watching them from the bedroom until I actually spent some time on the website. I discovered (and yes, I feel so old and like a tech dinosaur that this was revealed to me like the discovery of fire) that I could pull up the videos on my iPad and watch them on the Apple TV box that works with the elderly living room TV! I tried it this afternoon and Hot Damn, it works like magic! I can pull up the show on the iPad and with a single swipe, send it to the Apple TV box and watch it in the living room, where I have plenty of room for the mat. Problem solved.

Yes, the channel costs $10 a month, but a single workout at any yoga studio in the area is $10. Seems like a deal to me.

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