Thursday, May 08, 2014

We Didn't Win Lotto

But nobody did, so there's more for me when I spend another dollar tomorrow.

Because damn, I've more than earned a break. Development world is always crazy town. Basically, you have to be a little nuts to do the kind of high stakes, high pressure, endless plate-spinning act it takes to get a project out of the ground. The number of moving parts is so breathtaking, I would wear out your attention span trying to describe it at all. It takes years, and it's risky, and basically, if you weren't crazy when you went into the business, after a couple of decades everybody's a bit nuts. I truly have learned to laugh, but it doesn't make it any easier to get shit done. I do Love the people I work with (and that does mean so much) but there's still so much shit to wade through, it sloshes over the tops of my mental hip-waders at times. It's been that way for the last two weeks. I've been doing better about knitting more, going to bed earlier, etc., but I slap the snooze button several times in the morning before I can drag myself out of bed, which cuts into exercise time for all - Sophie's being deprived along with me.

Sophie's going to the vet tomorrow afternoon. She has a warty growth on her nose. Probably just a doggy wart thing, so don't panic, it doesn't look too alarming, just sort of crusty. But after Dudley's cancer, I'm now dog-bump-o-phobic. Plus she needs a refill on flea stuff and heartworm meds, the usual nail clip and anal gland squeeze. And Murphy needs a refill on flea and heartworm and a refill on the ever-present prednisolone.

Oh, and a bag of prescription food. These dogs are the reason I drive an old car.


Linda said...

Sorry if I've mentioned this before but my sisters Schnauzer and my mutt both have gland issues. Her vet suggested a spoonful of 100% raw (canned) pumpkin mixed in with his food everyday to boost fiber intake and help express those gland naturally. My mutt will take the pumpkin right off a spoon. Might eliminate a few trips to the vet and that oh so unpleasant squeeze. :)

Catherine said...

The dogs like pumpkin, but Sophie's issue stems from unusually thick secretions from that gland - it just gets clogged up over time.

Anonymous said...

Old cars (if they get decent gas mileage and don't leak stuff all over) are better for the environment than the carbon footprint of a new car.
That's my excuse.