Sunday, June 01, 2014

Rain. Lots of Rain.

I think I conjured this rain. I had visions of going to the beach often this summer, and treated myself to a Sport-Brella Umbrella, Blue. It has rained ever since. I do have faith that at some point this summer we will have a weekend without ominous clouds rolling in at 11 a.m. and thunderstorms all afternoon, but this was not that weekend.

Back to the Breaking Bad and Call the Midwife marathons, and knitting. The Templeton Square baby blanket is coming along rapidly. It won't be as big as I'd planned, I'm afraid. I'd been thinking I had enough yarn, based on Franklin's estimate of two squares a skein, to do a nine square blanket, approximately 36x36. Unfortunately, I get about 1 and 2/3 squares from a skein, and have to allow for yarn for sewing together, so we may end up with a 24x36-ish blanket to tuck around a newborn in a car seat. But I love making these squares; they have replaced the crocheted granny as my mindless TV knitting, now that I have the pattern basically memorized, so I'm happy to make another, and another. They're addictive, and the perfect summer knitting. Templeton Square blankets for everybody!

I'm also suddenly craving the perfect iced coffee, and Googled various ideas and recipes for making it. The easiest seems to be the "cold water overnight in a French Press" method. I am dreaming of leaving for work each day with a very tall insulated cup with a combo of coffee concentrate and vanilla almond milk over ice, and am determined to perfect it. I may end the summer up to my knees in knitted squares, buggy-eyed and twitching.


Brenda said...

I didn't "get" this square until I logged into Ravelry and saw a few pictures of completed blankets. The overall pattern is lovely, and so vintage-y. Are you making your squares in off-white?

Catherine said...

Yes, off-white, and I have to decide: do I make a smaller blanket and preserve enough yarn to sew it together, or go for broke and try to squeeze out 9 squares and join them in a contrasting yarn? I just don't think I can get to 9 with the yarn I have left.