Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Two Post Tuesday!

NO, this is not going to become a thing. Consider it a fluke.

I know I've been going on and on and OMG SHUT UP WOMAN about The Happy Herbivore (and she doesn't pay me to do it, or is even aware that I am gushing here, AFAIK) but I have to mention that I made the chocolate cake from Happy Herbivore Light & Lean: Over 150 Low-Calorie Recipes with Workout Plans for Looking and Feeling Great.

Yes, chocolate cake, using real ingredients you get in a regular supermarket, not exotic health food store stuff, and, wow. I am truly impressed! It is my new addiction, and my chocolate fix. It is an 8 inch square, dense, rich, not overly sweet, but almost brownie-like. Before I changed my dietary evil ways, I had a killer (seriously, it is a luge ride to an angioplasty) brownie recipe that used four large eggs and two sticks of butter. It was my signature recipe, and friends and co-workers demanded it on special occasions. (I'll still make it for them, but they have to sign a release.)

This little cake - fat free and 128 calories a serving? Really?? - is not identical to the killer brownies, but is a damn fine and satisfying substitute. It is quite similar in texture. Not as dark and deadly sweet, but damn near as rich tasting, moist and filling. This book also has an "ice cream" recipe of frozen bananas and non-dairy milk (similar to this one but with non-dairy milk and without the syrup), and now I'm dying to try the cake with the banana "ice cream" on top. I bought bananas, and will let them get all nicely spotty and sweet before attempting.

And the second and entirely unrelated part of this post: You know those little stick-in-the-ground business signs? Sometimes they are AWESOME!

Years ago, Murphy went to a grooming salon that employed a young woman named Abbie. Abbie did Murphy's hair for years, until we moved to Asheville. He adored her. When we returned a year later, she was no longer working at that salon, and we lost touch. The owner of the shop did Murphy's hair from then on, until she gave up the shop and retired for health reasons. I was forced to find a new groomer, and used her a couple of times, but was really not happy with the way she treated my senior dog at his last visit. He's been growing shaggier ever since and really, really needs a haircut now, and I was just about to try a new salon this week - another unknown quantity.

In the last couple of weeks, I saw little signs near the shopping center on the corner - "Abbie's Grooming Room." Wait? Could that be the SAME Abbie? I called and left a voicemail, and got a call back: "I think I know you!" We SQUEE-ED a bit - yes, this is Murphy's Abbie! She remembered us and was so happy to hear from me! She is five minutes away, just about midway between my house and my office, and Murphy will see her Friday morning.

And the moral of the story, I think, is that those little signs by the side of the road sometimes do amazing things.


Anonymous said...

You had a very good day! I've ordered one of the Happy Herbivore cookbooks through the library. (I had a terrible nightmare last night that I went off my diet and gained back more than I'd lost in TWO DAYS!)


KatyaR said...

Yay for Abbie! Good help is hard to find....

Somebody needs to figure out how to send chocolate cake through the internet. That sounds so good!