Thursday, July 03, 2014

A Day of Miss D.

Miss D was dropped off shortly after 9 this morning. We went to Publix and bought food she would eat. (She's two and a half, and not down with Grandma's whole foods fat free and whole grains and the like, though she will happily chow down on a veggie burger or vegan hot dog. It's a preschooler thing.)

We went to the pool, where she tried out her new swim vest. Speedo Kid's Begin to Swim Float Coach, Pink I had really intended for her mom and dad to be the first to try it out with her, but it just worked out that it was field tested with Grandma. She really LOVES wearing it, and her confidence level in the water increased dramatically. She went from clinging like a monkey in the water to floating at arms' length, holding hands and kicking her feet to swim to me. I didn't push her to swim on her own (I'll leave that to mom) but we floated and splashed, and at one point I actually wasn't holding her at all, as she was happily twirling circles in the water while I kept my arms a few inches away, just in case she overbalanced and went under.

The lesson of the day: Fish don't talk while they swim. She spluttered her way through a face full of water a couple of times because she never, never stops talking. I told her that fish don't talk while they swim. She then whispered. I explained that whispering was also talking, and she whispered: "No, it's not." I had to laugh, but tried again: she needs to keep her mouth shut and remember to hold her breath if her face goes under the water. She then told me, over and over, that she would keep her mouth shut and hold her breath and I'm kicking and I want to swim to the wall - the non-stop narration of every thought that passed through her head continued unabated. I was laughing too much to try to teach her any actual swimming stuff. That's her mom's job. Grandma just had fun with her until we were both pruney.

We did puzzles, watched TV, walked the dogs a couple of times, and the time really flew. I may get drummed out of the Grandma Corps, but I find infants exhausting and kinda tedious. (I know, I know, I'm supposed to be all squeally over the baybees....) From this point onward I'll happily keep her for an entire day. She fought a nap like a tiger, as she always does, before finally passing out on my half made bed (she helped me put on clean sheets) at 4:45.

Mom came to collect her after 6, and she cried that she didn't want to go home! (She changed her mind when I asked her if she'd like to take the box of Dora the Explorer fruit snacks she'd wheedled out of me at Publix - head-shaking stopped, sniffle: "Okay."

We may try an overnight one of these days. Maybe.


Gae, in Callala Bay said...

And SO angelic when they're sleeping, aren't they? Just hope the little darling doesn't talk in her sleep. The non-stop talker in our little brood is actually younger grandson, Darcy. Non-stop commentary on what ever he is doing and he is going on nine!

Gae, in Callala Bay

Catherine said...

It's so hilarious! "Remember, fishies don't talk while they swim!" "Okay grandma"...five seconds of silence..."I'm swimming to the steps! Watch me swim to the steps!"

My daughter reports that she peeled off the clinging arms today and got her to swim on her own, wearing her floaty device. I have mixed feelings because to me that's "not real swimming" but then, she's really enjoying it and wants to master swimming, so as an intermediate step, I'm okay with it.