Tuesday, July 22, 2014

A Yoga Moment.

So, I've been using the videos less and less. I've found that I prefer to do my own asanas at my own pace. I like to hold the pose longer than Rodney Yee does on the beginner videos, yet, I'm not ready for some of the far more flexible stuff of the more advanced videos. (Do not ask my knees to fold under me then roll into a crossed-leg seated position. Ain't gonna happen. Yet.)

So, this morning, I was doing my thing, basically the Rodney Yee's Am/Pm Yoga for Beginners with a few more core-strengthening additions borrowed from other videos (because I have no core, just a liquid center).

I was just doing whatever felt good, really enjoying it, and found myself going from
Downward Facing Dog into
plank position, which I was also able to hold for longer than ever, then back into downward dog. Planks used to be SOOO hard! A while back I tried a "plank challenge," and struggled with it, and that was with the bent arm, rest on the forearms planks. I did these moves today with straight arms! I was sweating a bit, yes, but not straining hard. Learning to breathe makes a huge difference.

While poking around on Amazon I found Yoga over 50. It gets really good reviews. If I had a DVD player I might be tempted, but I think I'll just muddle on as I am.

I officially canceled the DVR today, and my cable bill has dropped significantly. No more paying $20 a month to record two shows I seldom got around to watching.


k said...

I'm checking it out from the library. I've got arthritis and weird problems; this sounds like I might be able to use it. Thanks!

Catherine said...

I've been doing this regularly for barely a month and see real improvement - like, it's a non-issue - with my various issues. My knees may pop like popcorn in warrior pose, but I can walk down three flights of stairs in heels and barely notice my knees now. I do notice my knees clicking, because my knees are congenitally Effed Up, but pain and owie and OMG I am afraid of falling? Not an issue.