Wednesday, July 02, 2014

Another Four Day Weekend

Perhaps broken by phone calls from the office, we'll see. I am taking tomorrow off to keep Miss D for the day. Daddy has a healing knee and other stuff to do, and I do too. Miss D and I will go to the pool and hang out. And I'll update my resume, and plan my exit strategy. Because exiting, or at least knitting my own parachute, truly seems like the wisest course.

So, that stuff about frugal living? Yes, I will be living it, in a boring reality.

Coincidentally and suddenly, my FB feed is full of people looking for alternatives to cable TV. Cable providers should feel very afraid.

And coincidentally, my THIRD (or is it FOURTH?) DVR in 3 years just freaking died. I'm done. The shows I've been recording are available online, and I can watch them right here on this old iMac, with better picture and sound. I'm going back to Apple TV/Roku sticks on the TVs, and the digital adapter to get local channels. I have no idea why DVRs now die like flies, but they do, and I am billed for both the box and the service. My cable bill is about to reduce by at least a bottle of wine a month. I tried to call tonight to tell them this, and got a perpetual busy signal.

This cable company (Bright House Networks) wasn't like this even a few years ago. I had one DVR box for, oh, God, 5 years? Now, they are more expensive and more bells and whistles, and have the life expectancy of a housefly. I just don't need the annoyance, or the extra cost for something I don't use all that much. I really don't watch that much TV. Local news/weather in the morning and a handful of shows I can find elsewhere. And, judging by my FB friend list, I am hardly alone in my evaluation of media consumption.


Brenda said...

Netflix. It's the best $9 per month that you can spend. To make a short story really long, as my mom would say, I did upgrade to a smart TV at Christmas time, and Don Draper or Walter White have never looked better or been easier to get.

Catherine said...

I have Netflix already, and do watch it quite a bit. I only record a couple of shows, and I really could do without recording them and watch them on this computer instead.

Carolyn said...

We do Netflix + Hulu Plus through Roku. Dropped our other TV service. Works great for us!

Brenda said...

I also have a cheap, off-brand tablet that I bought specifically to watch Netflix and YouTube. It is so portable---I can take it out on the deck, lay in bed, or hang out in my basement and watch it. I work retail, and I have watched it between customers at work on really slow days.