Tuesday, July 29, 2014

I've lapsed into a week of blog silence again. I think I need to give myself a "Blog Every Day in August" challenge, just to get back into the writing habit.

It's brutally hot here, 95+ degrees and dangerously humid. It's 80 degrees at dawn, and climbs to the mid-90s by early afternoon, with a heat index of over 105. The dogs are getting very short walkies these days; it's just too hot for them. Walkies are strictly business these days, and they miss their social life - they are very gregarious and have to greet every neighbor they see, and they are feeling lonely. Sophie is chafing at the restrictions, but the few times I've taken her even a quarter of a mile, her tongue was halfway to her knees and I was afraid I'd have to carry her home. She comes into the house and flops on the cool floor just inside the front door, exhausted, after just ten minutes outside. Between Murphy's age and Sophie's smooshy-face, neither dog is at all heat-tolerant.

Murphy is doing pretty well lately, all things considered. Some days are better than others, of course, but as he is the canine equivalent of a 72 year old human with a host of serious health problems, he's in surprisingly good shape. (This is a very cool dog-to-human age converter, that calculates by breed: Dog Age Calculator.) I've tinkered with his diet a bit, looking for sources of extra protein, and after a bit of research hit on mixing some quinoa with his boiled chicken and murderously expensive prescription dry food. He likes it, it's easy to gum with what's left of his terrible teeth, and so far, so good - he has been off all meds for weeks now. I hate to keep him on prednisone if I can avoid it.

Actual Knitting Content! Please, if you feel dizzy, pause and breathe deeply.

So far, I've knitted and blocked (but have not yet assembled) a small, newborn-sized afghan made from Templeton Squares for GC3, who is right now slightly bigger than a golf ball and has not announced his/her gender yet. I love Templeton Squares. I loves me some Franklin Habit, both as a Facebook acquaintance/friend and somebody I want to meet IRL one of these days. This is an addictive square. It is busy enough to be interesting, but familiar enough for some good zone-out relaxation TV knitting. By my standards this makes it practically perfect in every way.

I've started another, larger throw in a cocoa brown, which I envision on the foot of my bed, a bed dressed in turquoise/cream/apricot linens. (I don't own those linens yet, but it's a vision. Go with me.)

But it's hotter than the exhaust fan from Satan's Dry Cleaner, so my mind is desperately seeking dreams of cooler weather. And grandchild knitting. Everybody's getting a sweater! The great thing about knitting for small people: three small sweaters = one adult sweater, with bonus instant gratification accomplishment for the knitter. I need that right now.


Gae, in Callala Bay said...

Don't stress, Catherine, I think most of us love to read your thoughts and adventures, and news of the terrible twosome is always fun, but if you are quiet for a while I, for one, just assume you are extra busy, extra tired, or both.
Great to hear that Murphy is doing well. He is a real little (loops, sorry Murphy) battler, isn't he?
Ace is still toddling along, congested heart and history of stroke and all.
Funny thing - the Jack Russell, Fred, has a formidable mouthful of excellent teeth, and jaws like a bear trap. So why does he insist on having his raw chicken wings segmented? When Ace, whose teeth are terrible (and his breath), and has much lighter jaw bones and muscles, can cheerfully chomp through his share, whole?
Too late for Ace to have dental treatment, I don't think he could tolerate the anaesthetic.

Gae, in Callala Bay

Catherine said...

The state of Murphy's remaining teeth breaks my heart, but he's so tiny and the surgery is so extreme (if it could even be done at all) I am not willing to risk it. He gets by, though I do think it may be painful to chew.

caroline said...

GC3??!! congratulations to you all! so who is getting the sibling?
such good news. happy, happy!

Catherine said...

Supergirl in Asheville is going to be a Big Sister, Gae! Baby is due shortly after the first of the year.