Friday, August 01, 2014

Another Week Ends, A New Month Begins.

Work. The less said, the better. My kids have informed me that I'm not allowed to bitch unless I am actively seeking other employment, and I know they are right.

It's hot and humid and we didn't get an afternoon storm today, so it's still oppressive at nearly 8 p.m. I dread walking the dogs.

I do believe that this weekend, when I'm not submerged in the pool, I will start planning sweaters for small people. Among the possibilities: Little Trellis, Semis de Printemps, Lil Kimonos, and, if GC3 is a boy (or if either of the girls would like a lovely chunky cardi - it would be just as appropriate for a girl) Oscar.

Measurements must be taken! Colors must be selected! Let the knitting commence!


Brenda B. said...

I would like either of those girly cardigans in my size---they are both classic. I am starting a new job one week from Monday. (I have been retired from my 31-year career job and have been working part-time in my LYS for the last two years.) It is an entry-level accounting job, and I hope it works out. The house I live in is about like your "investment property," and I don't want to spend down my savings to do all the updating/remuddling that it needs.

Catherine said...

Trellis comes in grownup size, and I agree it's tempting. I agree, I love both of them! Good luck to you with your new job!