Tuesday, August 05, 2014

Armadillo Tuesday.

The dogs interrupted yoga this morning. They've gotten used to mom's strange habit of unrolling a mat in the living room and usually ignore me completely, so when they both teamed up to get my attention and wouldn't give it up, I had to listen. We'd had a heavy rain last night so the morning heat was about three degrees less oppressive, and they knew it, and wanted a walk. We've been on very, very short walkies, business only, because the heat index has been hovering at a balmy 105 degrees. Welcome to August in Florida.

So I cut my morning yoga short, got dressed, and took them for a stroll. They were right, the weather was tolerable. We saw two armadillos (at least, Sophie and I saw them, Murphy was oblivious). Sophie wanted to run over to greet them, but they were busy doing armadillo things, so I dragged her away, protesting. No pictures I'm afraid - I was juggling two leashes and a poop bag at that point, and the Boston Terrier at the end of one of the leashes was putting up a very determined effort to follow the most interesting little creatures she'd ever seen. One of the "little creatures" was bigger than she is, and though I don't think armadillos are ever aggressive, I wasn't going to let her get closer than six feet away. She was very, very disappointed, but I really didn't need to explore the wonders of a dog and armadillo encounter when I was already 15 minutes late for showering for work.

Work. Oh, my. Interesting times continue.


Zippi Kit said...

Your delightful blog has been on my reading list for years.

When I was challenged by a "blog award syndicate"-just joking, these are nice guys, er gals- to nominate 15 blogs and present an award, your blog was right up there in the top five.

I'm not exactly sure that you even like blog awards nor how to get it to you, but I'll try to figure it all out.

The Award is for Most Inspirational Blog, if I remember right. Sorry, I'm old and it's so hot right now! I'll get back to you asap!

Catherine said...

Oh that is too sweet! I am honored !!