Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Dog Days, Indeed.

I got into my car around 2 this afternoon to drive to Sanford for a business reason. The very accurate little thermometer on my dashboard announced that it was 100 degrees F in the parking lot. The reading dropped to a balmy 97 after I got onto the highway.

I was grumpy and hot and miserable, and traffic was heavily sprinkled with assholes of every variety: random lane changers, race up to the bumper of the car behind you and then slam on your brakes types, weavers in and out of traffic without signals...they were all representing today. It didn't improve when I got off the interstate and headed into the town. I normally drive just a wee bit above the speed limit, but within reason. If traffic is heavy and stop and go, I go with the flow. I was deeply annoyed when the car in front of me took just a second starting forward when the light turned green (a sane precaution here, lest someone running the red in the other direction appear out of nowhere) and the car behind me HONKED. Seriously, the delay between light turning green and car moving was at most two or three seconds. HOOOONNNNK! Assholes. Assholes everywhere today.

I grumped my way into town. Stopped at another light, I saw a turtle - a big one - in the road. The very busy main road into town. The turtle was confused, not sure which way to turn, dithering, hesitating, about to turn back into oncoming traffic. I had barely registered what I'd seen and was wondering how to respond when the driver's door of the car in front of me opened and a man got out, waving at traffic and gesturing to the turtle. I put my own car in park and prepared to join him. A car in the next lane stopped protectively, offering a roadblock across both lanes. Team Turtle Rescue had just shut down the busiest main road into town. Take that, you honking asshole! (HA had already turned off before this moment. Such a pity he missed it.)

While we were mobilizing our rescue, the disoriented turtle figured out its direction and moved briskly off the road into the grass, safe again. Whew. We got back into our cars, waved and smiled, and continued on our way. Not a word was spoken. The entire delay took maybe a minute or so. Three strangers joined in a spontaneous stopping of traffic to save a turtle. It restored my faith in humanity.

And I emailed about that job - got an answer in half an hour. "Let's find a time to meet."


Brenda B. said...

I started my new job Monday, and when I had Sunday Dinner with my parents, my dad gave me some words of advice: "I'm sure that at your age, you've realized by now that there are allot more horses' asses in the world than there are horses." It wouldn't really be funny, except I went to a baby shower Tuesday night, and for the game we played, you had to write down something you remember your parents telling you in your childhood, like "Don't run with scissors." Guess what popped into my head? Perfect for a bunch of "Christian" ladies having a baby shower.

Brenda B. said...

This has nothing to do with your post, but have you read "Shit My Dad Says," by Justin Halpern? It reminds me of my dad (and mom), and I think it's really funny.

Catherine said...

LOVE "Shit My Dad Says," and your dad's observation is a classic, and very true!

Gae, in Callala Bay said...

Moments like that are golden, aren't they?

And now you go into the future, and hopefully a really good new job, with the Blessing of the Lucky Turtle.

Gae, in Callala Bay