Friday, August 08, 2014

Gold. She wants GOLD?

So, I thought I had it all figured out. The sweater for Miss D would be red. I had red (intended for a sweater for me, but now I can't even remember which sweater - so sad) Universal Cotton Surpreme in my stash. One granddaughter gets a navy sweater in Cascade 220 Superwash. The Florida kid gets the same style, in cotton. In red.

Her mom showed her the link to the sweater to get her buy-in on the style. Yes, I know, she's not quite three, but she's not quite three going on thirteen when it comes to fashion. If she doesn't like it, she won't wear it, period.

She approved the sweater style, but decided she really liked the gold one - the photo one up from the bottom on that page. She wanted a sweater just like that in gold. Gold. Okay, I can do gold. I think.

Cotton or cotton blend yarn in gold is harder to come by than you might think. Gold is not the color one normally associates with cotton. Think about it - gold says fall, winter, football team colors - cotton is summer, heat, brights and pastels and neutrals. And a wool sweater is usually useful for an entire week in the winter here. Gold. Really.

I despaired for a bit, but persevered, and WEBS saved the day! Sierra in GOLD! And on CLEARANCE!! Of course, I'm already using Sierra for my chocolate brown throw, and I love it (and I am still pissed that Cascade has decided to discontinue it). So I grabbed 5 skeins at 5 bucks each, and that's plenty for a sweater for Miss "I want GOLD!" with a little left over to incorporate into maybe a throw pillow of leftovers one of these days. And now we know why my budget needs room for the unexpected. I thought I had these sweaters covered with yarn in the stash, and they went off in another direction entirely. But that's how it is when you are knitting for others - and if you aren't willing to knit what they really want, why the hell bother?

First up is Supergirl's sweater in navy. It will be sweater weather in the mountains many weeks before we get a cool morning here. Miss D will be wearing shorts and possibly a bathing suit at her birthday party in October.

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