Monday, August 25, 2014

I have officially failed my own "blog every day" challenge.

So I have some catching up to do. I've written at least four blog posts in my head, while walking the dogs or driving. They were fabulous - witty, insightful, snarky, take my word for it - but unfortunately, Google hasn't perfected "upload from brain" yet. So you'll have to make do with this.

I am now two months into my regular home yoga practice, and I'm stronger and much more flexible, and of course I now look JUST like a cover photo for a yoga magazine, and am a perfect Size Two.

Nope. I haven't lost an ounce of weight. I did, however, rearrange it a bit, and that inspires me almost as much as the strength and flexibility and calm and focus. The scale still reads the same, but I'm firmer and have a better overall shape, though it's still the same size it was three months ago. And I'm okay with that, and so inspired by body's response to yoga, I'm not even thinking about how I still need to drop 20 pounds. Yoga has made me much happier with my body at the size it is now, because I feel so good, strong, and flexible.

Riding a desk and menopause have not been kind to my sorry ass, which, I'm sorry to say, had become quite sorry. But not nearly as sorry as my abs. I had no abs at all. I was not joking about having a liquid center. A few months ago, I couldn't do a sit-up if someone dangled a check big enough to fund my retirement in style in front of me. Now, I can hold boat pose.
I can go from downward dog into a plank, holding both for a long time. I can do this.

And the other day while on the mat, I came up from flat on my back to a sitting position without even thinking about it. Sophie had interrupted my yoga for a session of throwing her stuffed pig (I have worked this into various poses at times, there are many ways of being centered and flexible) and I was flat on my back, and I just...sat up, no hands. Like a sit up. That thing I couldn't do if you dangled a million bucks in front of me. It startled me. Yoga really is changing my body!

I still have knee issues, and I've been forced to admit that arthritis is lurking behind every dairy product. I learned this the hard way this weekend. As I've said over and over, I am not a true vegan, I'm a plant based eater. I avoid nearly all dairy 98% of the time (two tablespoons of half and half in my coffee is my limit) and my joint pains had completely disappeared. It's not my imagination, and it's not just me. But this weekend, I really wanted cheese, so what the hell, I indulged. Three days in a row, I indulged. And by yesterday afternoon, my joint pain and stiffness was back. Damn, it really isn't my imagination! Dairy products and eggs are my triggers.

So tonight I'm experimenting with cashew cheese. I've never tried it, but I just happened to have some raw cashews on hand. I don't expect it to taste like a perfectly aged runny Brie, but I'm hoping for a tasty sandwich filling, because I can only take so much hummus.

I have a second interview for that job this week, this time with the company president. We shall see....


KatyaR said...

So I'm interested to hear about the cashew cheese. I love cashews, but I'm with you. I've noticed since I cut out most dairy that I don't have the choking morning lung congestion that I used to have at least once or twice a week. I think dairy may have been the culprit--who knew?

So far, with the change of diet and walking exercise using Leslie Sansone videos, I've lost 22 pounds since May. I think I may be able to do this after all, thanks to your inspiration!

Keep it up, and good luck on the job interview!

Catherine said...

Okay, you have completely shamed me - 22 pounds! You are AWESOME!!
If I lost 10, I'd fit into 60% of the unwearable stuff in my closet. At 20, I'd be home free. You've lost 22 and I've lost not an ounce???