Thursday, August 14, 2014

It's So Godawful Hot and Humid

But knitting duty calls. It may be hellish here, but in a month a certain granddaughter in the mountains of NC will actually need a sweater at times. I need to get busy on it.

Knitting, yoga, and Yogi Tea - Kava Stress Relief 16 bag. I'm not that crazy about the taste, but I field tested the effects today, under very trying conditions. I sat in a meeting in which more and more life and death, must be done now, complicated crap was piled on me. (Remember when this was an executive assistant job that didn't pay that great but at least had a short commute?) I was fried and near tears by 11 a.m. I made a cup of that kava tea, breathed deeply, still fuming and frustrated and ARRRGH - and realized about 20 minutes later that I actually DID feel better! I made another cup, double strength this time. I got through the day.

Yoga. Oh my, I can't even tell you how much my flexibility and strength has changed in the last six weeks or so. I went from being unable to kneel on knees too sore to kneel at all, even on a mat, to no pain at all in my joints. My no-abdominal-muscles liquid center has become much stronger. This morning I held boat pose longer than I ever had, and it is getting easier! I did all but the "supporting self on hands" poses illustrated here, as part of my morning workout, and I can do them!!!

The only deficiency I've noticed - and I don't know whether it's brain thang related or not - is my balance on my left foot is absolutely for shit. I can hold tree pose on my right foot fairly well, but my left side is definitely less stable and my balance is unsteady. It's strange, because I don't notice this at all while walking, biking, swimming, or doing anything else - but stand on my left foot in tree pose and I look like I'm failing a drunk test. Two seconds and I'm in danger of crashing down. Yet in every other way my left leg has no issues at all, so it has to be a balance problem. It's just one of those "go figure" souvenirs of the aneurysm, perhaps. I am working on it, cautiously.


k said...

I got the book of "Yoga Over 50" from the library. I am having trouble with the exercises for the very stiff. Guess it will take a while.
But both Daughter and I are easing towards fitness, and soon it will be winter and we'll be locked indoors. Plus, I miss having biceps, so it's weight training for me, plus yoga. It might take a while.!

Catherine said...

It's worth taking the time. In roughly six weeks I won't say I've had a miraculous transformation, but I am MUCH better. Dormant muscles are now speaking up and doing what they are supposed to do. I notice it at random times, like bending down to pick up something from the floor. I realized afterward that I just bent down, picked it up, and popped up again, without grunting, groaning, pain...small things, but proof of progress.