Saturday, August 02, 2014

Knitting Bad.

I completed my sporadic binge-watching of Breaking Bad. I had to un-knit about a quarter of a Templeton Square, when I somehow got off count on my yarn-overs and screwed up the "square" part. It's a "may be hazardous to your knitting" kind of show.

I didn't watch Breaking Bad in the first run. I saw the first couple of episodes and then life got crazy, and it's not a show you can just pick up three episodes later. I thought it was amazing - in case you were in the cave next door to mine and never watched, it is one of the most gripping shows in recent memory. The writing, the directing, and of course the acting, are all phenomenal, and Bryan Cranston deserves every award he received, many times over. But the last few episodes are very, very dark, and when the final episode concluded, I felt drained. I need Happy Tee-Vee as an antidote.

I also need a trip to Trader Joe's. Orlando finally got a Trader Joe's a month or so ago (while much smaller Asheville has had one for over a year, go figure). I've been to ours once, and it was a parking-impaired ZOO. (I will refrain from my usual ranting about how "parking impaired zoo" is typical of anything built in Winter Park in the last decade.) I didn't buy much on my first visit, but I did try the triple ginger cookies, and I have craved them ever since. So have the dogs, and apparently ginger, and ginger cookies, are good for dogs with tummy issues. I think they are fabulous and Murphy certainly feels they are beneficial, so tomorrow I plan to get out the door insanely early and hit the store by 8:30, in an attempt to get a parking space. I see that the triple ginger snaps made the #1 spot on this list. I already know one tub is not enough. Murphy needs a tub for himself.


Anonymous said...

My Yorkies love Triple Ginger Cookies (so do I)!!

Catherine said...

They are wonderful! I break one into quarters, and Murphy wolfs them down. Between the ginger cookies and introducing quinoa into his daily diet, he's doing quite well without any medications! (knocking wood)