Thursday, August 07, 2014

Money money money money


If you are too young to already be singing it, you should hear the above as: For The Love of Money. One of the songs of my formative years.

Anyway, my horoscope, which I share with my daughter and daughter-in-law, says we should be "doin' things with it." Or at least get the opportunity to do something with a few "almighty dollars".

If I win the lottery, what would I do with a few million? Hmmm.

First, I'd find a good attorney and accountant and set up a trust for the kids and grandkids. No, first I'd retire, then call the attorney. Oh hell, I so want to retire.

Then...oh, the fun stuff. I'd give myself enough money to retire in simple comfort. I don't feel any strong need to travel the world, but not going to work every day? Oh, yeah, that's a given. I'd off-load the current real estate "investments" and get a modest house with a yard in or around Asheville, and a similarly modest condo in or around New Smyrna Beach. I don't have to see the beach from my balcony, but walk to it in ten minutes or less, yes. I'd get a new Subaru Outback with all the bells and whistles, while keeping Baby in the family, because she's just now hitting 100k miles and is a mere teenager in Subie Years. And I'd write, and volunteer for animals, and take pictures, and knit, and just BE. That is why I want to win the lottery. To make just BE-ing easier. I hate when other people's shit interferes with my be-ing.

We are always BE-ing, even when we don't notice it. Life is ticking by. I hate the concept of "living for the weekend," because that means that 5 days of every week are just to be ENDURED. As someone who nearly didn't get to endure, I am just not willing to see any portion of my life as something to "get through" to get to the parts I like. I can appreciate all of it, even when I don't like it that much. I appreciate being alive, but damn, I really would enjoy a different set of circumstances.

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Anonymous said...

Catherine, you are why I don't need to blog. You write for me. I could have written this post. I so want to retire too. Go buy another lottery ticket on the way to work tomorrow.