Tuesday, August 12, 2014

So. Today Sucked.

My policy of no specifics about work suckage remains firmly in place, so I can't describe in detail the level of stress and suckage, but it was stressful and full of crazy. I see no light at the end of the insanity tunnel, just new waves of crazy in which too few people are asked to do way too much with way too little, and I want off this crazy train. Seriously, I left work today nearly in tears - exhaustion, frustration, STRESS.

Stress. That thing I'm supposed to manage, right?

So, I came home and resolved to reach out to my former bosses and co-workers in the business, to ask them to keep their ears open for me. I sent a Facebook message to a former boss, and just said, "I'm quietly looking for a new job."

Within 30 seconds I had an answer: "I may have something for you. Call me."

Turns out someone in his company is in dire need of, well, ME. I'm to email the guy and introduce myself, and tell him that former boss told me he needed someone. I will do that tomorrow, and we shall see what happens. It's a home builder, it's a good company, with an actual staff and benefits and good management and everything. It could be good!

But no matter what happens with this particular lead, I feel MUCH better about my prospects and my future - I sent ONE text message and got a job lead off it. My first tentative exploration of the market got a hit. And then I unrolled the yoga mat and stretched out more of the crazy.

It will all be okay. It really will.

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carlarey said...

Let's hear it for Humanity!