Tuesday, September 09, 2014

3 More Days!!

Oh God, this week is the pits. Because I am a neurotic little Do Bee, there is no such thing as Short Timer Syndrome for me. No slacking off because "Hah hah, I'm outta here!" when I leave a job. I'm getting the rest of the team up to speed, finishing everything I can wrap up, and leaving trails of breadcrumbs for the rest, frantically sending email, constantly thinking of "Oh shit, there's THAT!" issues to address. And I'm repeatedly told I could change my mind any time I want.

No. Oh, FUCKING HELL NO! Every day just reminds me how understaffed, underpaid, overworked and stressed out this team is. I won't go into specifics because privacy, but it just ain't normal, or functional, or healthy, and it's always going to be like this, or worse. Three more days.

My new employer emailed me to ask if I could come in one day this week to do paperwork. I had to reply that this was not possible. I didn't tell them that yesterday I didn't take time to pee until 3 in the afternoon.

Three more days. Then on Saturday we are going to Disney World! I haven't been to Disney in I'm not sure how many years! I'm guessing 8 years, and that was a business related "team building" trip. Just going with family to have fun? Oh, God, nearly 20 years? It's a whole new thing now, with Fastpass scheduling and magic wrist bands, and all sorts of techy things that have left me behind. I'm glad my daughter will be there to help grandma navigate all this newfangled shit on the fly. I'm so old I remember what an E Ticket ride meant. Tickets were abandoned for passes by the time I visited Disney on a regular basis, but I do remember that the E ticket was the coolest. Now there are Fastpasses and magic bands, and you can book time for popular things like the Frozen sing-along in advance. I love anything that keeps us from waiting in long lines in the heat!

Three more days, then a fun weekend, then a new adventure. I'm ready.

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Gae, in Callala Bay said...

Long lines, in the heat, with a small, assertive child!

I know what you mean about handing on the info, the details, the tricks of the trade, the pointer to who knows most about whatever........ Did that when I left the French Bank, lo these decades ago, and again 3 years ago when I handed the last details of the family business over to best DiL. For years we had shared the clerical, filing and whatever, but it was time for me to go, and I went gladly.

Gae, in Callala Bay